DIY SpiderTrax Video Dolly

Wow, very cool examples of what type of footage you can achieve with the SpiderTrax Dolly design. Here's another simple build video of how parts from a normal skateboard, Cheese Plate, and Quick release adapter were put together for those slider and rotational shots.

Here's a link to the cheese plate that was used.

Two months ago, the video above also used Skateboard trucks and looks like a wooden base. This is definitely becoming a main stream tool for many DIY'ers.

Isn't it weird how I share these videos and information openly, while at the same time it's something that I need to sell? It's all good with me, because my main goal was always to share these ideas and inspire more creative footage. For those who weren't able to DIY and wanted something, I worked with a team to have parts professionally manufactured with solid aluminum, cut with Computer Aided Design, and special Anodized coating (not spray paint). You can find the SpiderTrax Dolly available at

Big thanks to Jarrod and Think Gines for taking time to put this video together and sharing ideas for others to make.

11 thoughts on “DIY SpiderTrax Video Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @sachith - Here's one you can buy httpss://

  2. Scott M

    Cool. I'm wondering if you could build 3 of that 1st design and attach your sticks to it. That could be interesting.

  3. The DIY spider dolly in my video was actually made by BLINKit ( so I would like to give credit due. My canon was mounted on it.
    Thanks for Cheesy Cam for posting it to your site and creating it.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Yes, it has both 1/4" bolt straight to camera or mini ball head, and a 3/8" adapter for a fluid head.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    No, not really. For a base plate though, you don't need a Cheese plate. Just posted another video using a Wooden base.

  6. Nick


    Do you have any recommendations on where to get a decent cheese plate? That DIY build seems easy as pie.

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