LCDVF Replica’s – Real Deal

[The above images were provided by Sean, thanks Sean]

According to the comments and emails coming in, It looks and feels like the real thing, but it's NOT being sold as the real LCDVF. In fact these replicas or 'clones' are going for less than half the price now. I'm still waiting for mine to show up, to do a side by side comparison, but i'm also the late one of the bunch who placed an order. Some others have sent in comments and emails stating it's not a replica, but looks to be the real deal with a different brand name. There's a few others posted online now, and it just seems to be getting cheaper. Again, this is the replica for the standard 3", but rumors are that in a few weeks a 3/2 Replica version for Canon 550D / T2i users will be available. Check out these super uber cheap Real Deal LCDVF Replicas.

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10 thoughts on “LCDVF Replica’s – Real Deal

  1. Emm

    Post author

    Sure, it doesn't harm the camera at all. It won't always be as sharp, or sometimes the color or contrast could be off compared to using real EF mount lenses, but there are many people using Nikon lenses, or old Canon FD lenses on their cameras.

  2. CYX

    Hi dear. i have questions about old school lens like very old zenite lens can i use them with Canon 7D with this converter ring. is that effect any bad for camera.

  3. Rico181

    I was also told by the seller that they would have a T2i model available in 4 weeks, however, another user commented that he got the same response a week ago.

    I decided not to chance it and I went ahead and ordered one of the current models. I heard another user comment that it has very little size loss on a T2i (like 1 to 2mm)

  4. Serge

    Yeah they don't come with the neoprene eye cushion but you could buy one from lcdvf for $8 and fits the same, it's a matter if time before they start adding those too.

    I purchased 3 for a total of $150.00 which is still $30 less than one of the real deal, can't wait to get mine.

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