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Sorry for the delay. The SpiderTrax Dolly was already announced to accept orders, but we only announced it to those who filled out the original form. Today i'm announcing that you can order the dolly (no fluid heads available at this time), only if you are a US resident within the 48 continental states, and payment accepted is Paypal only.

There is only one option available at this time, and it is the complete base kit which includes solid AL base plate, 2 solid AL axles, 4 wheels, 4 red bearings, 2 clamp knobs, 1/4" screw with 3/8" step up adapter to mount either your camera or a fluid head directly to the base.. The wheels will already come preassembled, so setup is simply just placing the axles on the base (5 seconds you're ready to go).

There are a limited amount of orders left, and you can grab it over at https://www.PhotographyAndCinema.com.

6 thoughts on “Order Now. SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    We tested various wheels, but loved the low profile look of the skate wheels, got the shots lower + very smooth tracking with a wider wheel base (compared to roller blade type). Originally the kit was to be sold 'without' wheels for the same price. If you feel you'd like to experiment with other wheel types, it's a standard bolt size found in most hardware stores, so you can pretty much change it and adapt anything you want.

  2. Is there any reason specifically why you chose the wheels you did? I noticed some pictures show a softer rollerblade type wheel and the production model looks like it has a harder skateboard wheel. I would expect better performance and shock absorption from the softer wheels. I love the design and believe I am close to ordering one.


  3. Dave

    first of all i have to say what a great website this is!

    Question: any plans of shipping this product to european countries anytime soon?

    with kind regards,


  4. John

    Hey, will you be including the tripod head in a later version? I do not need this yet, but would like to have it and the video with that one tripod head on it was perfect.

  5. emess

    Looks nice, just one question:

    There's one photo showing the dolly with a guide arm handle thingy attached; is that an additional accessory or included or a standard part that can be obtained elsewhere?

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