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Cheesycam reader MJM just dropped a bomb on me. I've listed some information on the aftermarket battery grips and batteries on this blog before, but i've been hearing that the prices have gone up since. MJM sends a comment about a seller who's got the aftermarket grips as low as $65.95 just grip, or $89.95 which comes with 4 batteries too. That's a great deal right now especially with the demand still growing quickly on the 550D / T2i. I've done my usual (gut) inspection about the seller whos received 100% feedback and seems to push 100's of items daily. That's a tough job keeping eBay buyers happy, so this one looks totally legit. Grab 'em now while it's still decently priced for the 4 battery package.

click image to purchase

Another Bomb dropped was the Amazon grip with 2 batteries for approx $60 dollars + $4.99 shipping. Supposedly they might be shipping this guy out of New Jersey so the wait might be shorter. Check it out below.



Originally the battery grips for the 550D and T2i were very hard to come by. There were no aftermarket ones available. There were of course aftermarket batteries, which I was able to purchase and they work great, but I had to special order an OEM canon grip from Calumet in San Diego. I just got a comment on my last post about the aftermarket batteries for the T2i / 550D, stating that the Aftermarket grips are now available for as low as $69.00 dollars and they come with x2 batteries + Free Shipping. You can find a list of these grips following this link.

Below are some images i've grabbed from an eBay seller, and they look pretty spot on to the real thing.

Click here to buy Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries from eBay for the Canon EOS 550D T2i
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Yeah everything that guy Midas touched turned to gold. Sounds great, but didn't work out too well. Lately everything the Cheesycam blog talks about inflates like prices of Gold. I just got a comment regarding the aftermarket 550D / T2i batteries from an eBay seller. I won't mention any names, but i'll embed a JPEG!

hi-etech-ebay<<<Here's the updated link to a Seller who has the same batteries as I use, and for cheap.

What can you do? Comment, Feedback, Share! I do my best to review the items I buy, and post information from other readers, to share those savings with others in the DSLR community. I can't always keep track of these items, so if you have any news, feedback, or comments on anything Holla Back! It helps everyone. Thanks.


It's quite a hassle to keep track of charged and uncharged batteries if you're relying on the power to get you through your next Project. I’ve been using these Sanyo Eneloops for years, and they are by far the best Rechargeable batteries i've ever used. Normally rechargeable batteries aren't recommended in certain devices, and if left for just a short period of time, they lose power. Sure you can wait 4-8 hours recharging them to use them again, but in a few weeks (without using them) they will still lose power.

The Sanyo Eneloops are designed to be a different type of rechargeable and can even maintain up to 90% of their charge if sitting for up to 1 Year!. I've never tried that claim, but i've never had a problem with dead batteries either. They can run a bit high in retail stores, but Amazon and B&H both have some of the cheapest prices for these Eneloops.

find-price-button Eneloop Power Pack Kit


batteries canon t2i 550d

These Canon 550D T2i Batteries LP-E8 are sooo cheap.

One of the decisions you'll need to make about buying your video DSLR is all the accessories you're going to need to help you shoot your projects. Compared to the $80 dollar OEM batteries for the 7D, the Canon T2i 550D batteries are chump change. I've already run low quite a few times with the single battery on the T2i, but after seeing these prices, it's time to place some orders. I've had some awesome luck with aftermarket batteries, so i'm thinking about trying these $6.99 Free Shipping aftermarkets on the T2i.