Cursed with the Midas Touch


Yeah everything that guy Midas touched turned to gold. Sounds great, but didn't work out too well. Lately everything the Cheesycam blog talks about inflates like prices of Gold. I just got a comment regarding the aftermarket 550D / T2i batteries from an eBay seller. I won't mention any names, but i'll embed a JPEG!

hi-etech-ebay<<<Here's the updated link to a Seller who has the same batteries as I use, and for cheap.

What can you do? Comment, Feedback, Share! I do my best to review the items I buy, and post information from other readers, to share those savings with others in the DSLR community. I can't always keep track of these items, so if you have any news, feedback, or comments on anything Holla Back! It helps everyone. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Cursed with the Midas Touch

  1. admin

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    Yes, you should be able to charge them and use them as normal. Only the 5D Mark II and 7D batteries can't be charged on OEM.

  2. hi

    Can I charge these batteries with my canon charger, or do i need to buy a different charger? the text on the battery says: "Use specified charger only".

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    I'm sure they'll do the refund. They don't want negative feedback on eBay. They are a huge seller so they don't need to steal your few dollars. It will be fine, plus you can always dispute from Paypal. They've always had my back.

  4. admin

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    Yeah someone else got that same email. I think they are just jacking up the prices trying to capitalize. I reposted with the new seller.

  5. JS

    oh and they didn't clarify its 5-7 days or 5-7 weeks. I'm kinda worry about that they are really going to refund money...

  6. JS

    I've purchased with $13.xx and here is a message from the seller

    "Greetings,thanks for purchase 2 X Battery for Canon LP-E8 LPE8 Digital Rebel T2i 550D from Hi-eTech.

    Before the item shipped ,we usually test the product.Recently we defected some bugs on the this series product.In order to you can receive 100% perfect
    item ,we can’t ship this batch items to you and we have raised the price to prevernt buyers purchase the item.We are going to retutn then back and the manufacturer have resent us some good one.As usual we will get the item
    instock in 5-7.We must be responsible for every client and product.

    There is no reason let you wait so long time.Now we can issue you full refund if you like.A full refund or wait which you prefer?Please let me know in an early time so that we can solve it in time.

    Once again ,i sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience.

    Best regards
    Hi-eTech eBay Service"
    WUT!!!!!! "we have raised the price to prevernt buyers purchase the item" doesn't make any sense...

    I might go with other seller...

  7. U know, I bought one from some ebay seller, I do not remember who it was, but the battery did not last more than 1-2 minutes, I emailed them, they apologized that they did not have other batteries and they gave me a refund.

    There are many good sellers out there, just make sure the specs are right, and you can find what u need.

    Thanks for exposing the greedy seller 🙂

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