Everything’s cheaper with T2i 550D

batteries canon t2i 550d

These Canon 550D T2i Batteries LP-E8 are sooo cheap.

One of the decisions you'll need to make about buying your video DSLR is all the accessories you're going to need to help you shoot your projects. Compared to the $80 dollar OEM batteries for the 7D, the Canon T2i 550D batteries are chump change. I've already run low quite a few times with the single battery on the T2i, but after seeing these prices, it's time to place some orders. I've had some awesome luck with aftermarket batteries, so i'm thinking about trying these $6.99 Free Shipping aftermarkets on the T2i.

7 thoughts on “Everything’s cheaper with T2i 550D

  1. iCreatedTech

    I am thinking to buy this battery, do they have the same power as the OEM one? Or do they run out of power within no time?

  2. Oldmancrosby

    I am curious to hear how those batteries work out for you, please post your thoughts if you get the chance. Thanks!
    I just got 2 E8 batteries from B&H and it was like fifty something for one battery, wondering if i should just return them and get these cheaper ones?

  3. Allan

    Hi -- does the T2i with the aftermarket battery read the remaining battery life? At least with the 5D Mark II, the generic aftermarket batteries cannot be read for battery life, leaving you to guess how much power you have. thanks!

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