Video Camera Super Trick

Fluid movement in video is a big deal today. Dollies, sliders, jibs, cranes, steadicam shots, skater dollies, there are tons of different ways to get that cinematic camera movement. The video above has got to be one of my favorite simple camera tricks I ran into a while back, but since we've got a growing number of newbies in DSLR video, I thought i'd repost.

Don't be fooled though, you'll need some solid tripod legs and an awesome fluid head. By far the smallest, most fluid, and most cost effective for small cameras would be this Bogen 701HDV. Check it out here.

5 thoughts on “Video Camera Super Trick

  1. Dustin

    Have to say, never thought of this. Happened to be getting a shot the other day, this popped in my head! It ain't perfect, and I was using a crap $20 tripod, but it still looked 100,000x better than hand held. This is a great blog even for the little tips like this.

    Here is the video, jump to 2:40 to see the shot! haha

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