Level it out – Fig Rig Stabilizers

Fig Rigs are another type of video camera stabilizer. By spacing your hands further from the center of the lens, you'll get less movement and shakiness. The concept is simple, so that makes it one of the most popular DIY's. Even a plank of wood can act in the same manner. The hard part is trying to make that type of stabilizer look cool. I've never been a fan of fig rigs, since traditionally they were completely round circles with a level stage in the middle. It always looked like you were chasing someone around while driving a bus to run them over.

Halo Rig Video Camera Stabilizer
fig rig camera stabilizer

The Halo Rig looks better with it's bottom platform completely flat. Hey now! That makes more sense, why didn't anyone come up with that before?. Since DSLR cages are becoming more popular for added accessories to your video shooting, the Halo Fig Rig gives you an advantage over a simple DSLR cage, since it also plays as a Video Camera Stabilizer you can walk around with. You can find the Halo Rig for sale here.