Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries Available 550D T2i


Originally the battery grips for the 550D and T2i were very hard to come by. There were no aftermarket ones available. There were of course aftermarket batteries, which I was able to purchase and they work great, but I had to special order an OEM canon grip from Calumet in San Diego. I just got a comment on my last post about the aftermarket batteries for the T2i / 550D, stating that the Aftermarket grips are now available for as low as $69.00 dollars and they come with x2 batteries + Free Shipping. You can find a list of these grips following this link.

Below are some images i've grabbed from an eBay seller, and they look pretty spot on to the real thing.

Click here to buy Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries from eBay for the Canon EOS 550D T2i
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4 thoughts on “Aftermarket Battery Grips + Batteries Available 550D T2i

  1. Aaron

    I looked a little closer after reading what emilio said above (nub vs nubless). Now I'm curious which I should get? Does one have better quality than the other?

    For example:


  2. emilio

    i ordered mine a couple days ago. but now that im looking at the other auctions. there are 2 different types. one with the little nub on the front part of the grip and one without just like the canon grip. i wish i waited a little longer to order the one without. but im pretty sure they still function the same. ill comment back when i get mine. cant wait.

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