550D Battery Grip + 4 Batteries (aftermarket)

Cheesycam reader MJM just dropped a bomb on me. I've listed some information on the aftermarket battery grips and batteries on this blog before, but i've been hearing that the prices have gone up since. MJM sends a comment about a seller who's got the aftermarket grips as low as $65.95 just grip, or $89.95 which comes with 4 batteries too. That's a great deal right now especially with the demand still growing quickly on the 550D / T2i. I've done my usual (gut) inspection about the seller whos received 100% feedback and seems to push 100's of items daily. That's a tough job keeping eBay buyers happy, so this one looks totally legit. Grab 'em now while it's still decently priced for the 4 battery package.

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Another Bomb dropped was the Amazon grip with 2 batteries for approx $60 dollars + $4.99 shipping. Supposedly they might be shipping this guy out of New Jersey so the wait might be shorter. Check it out below.

3 thoughts on “550D Battery Grip + 4 Batteries (aftermarket)

  1. Update: I recieved the battery grip in the mail. But they put a little note in the packaging that said the batterys are back ordered and will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. Just a heads up!

  2. Funny I order this exact setup from the same seller yesterday. I cant wait until it arrives!. Thanks For your website its very helpful- Klaus.

  3. Mihow

    Wow Nice find, the I went canon route and 3rd party battery's and ended up spending almost $ 190.00+ after tax, that extra hundred dollars looks great right about now, hopefully people wont make the same mistake I did, its salt in the wound. 8)

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