DSLR Gear – Attack of the Clones

find-price-button Lensse Cam.Wheels Dolly

It's bound to happen, so here's another version of a ready made rotating video dolly newly to the market. This one comes from the little known company Lensse. Obviously it does what other rotating dollies can do, but unless it's wider than what appears in the photos, the narrow stage doesn't seem like it's going to be practical for some type of a Fluid head mount. Hmm..might be good for tiny cameras and a mini fluid head?


Next one (above) looks very similar to a DVTEC MultiRig Pro. If you're not familiar with what that is, you can find some Vimeo videos here: https://vimeo.com/search/videos/search:dvtec/e30032e7. It's a multi configuration type rig that can go from shoulder support to handheld. Doesn't look to have all the pieces of a true DVTEC, but it doesn't have all the price of one either. You should check out the link below to see all the different configurations this type of camera support can origami into..

find-price-button DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount Video Kit

Next item (below) another Video Stabilizer based off of the Merlin, Hague, Lensse, IndieHardware design. Yeah I know right? Even clones can get cloned. Well to be fair, it looks closer to the IndieHardware over anything else. Love the write up in the auction about being 'The Secret Weapon" and "Latest Innovation". LOL. While the others are set on pricing, at least this starter is throwing out a few auctions.

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 11.14.25 AM
find-price-button Twice Cloned Video Camera Stabilizer

7 thoughts on “DSLR Gear – Attack of the Clones

  1. Armand

    Wondering how Orton knows that 'this is junk'?
    Do you have the unit?

    I would be interested if anyone got this how is reviews.

    Been looking for a single rig that can go from shoulder to hand held.

  2. Orton

    You can get the same dslr rig from HK seller for even cheaper price. I bet you this seller bought a bundle from them and mark up the price. Anyway, the build quality is very bad. Please pay attention to the hinge joints of the rig. It's all connected through A SINGLE SCREW. I don't care if it is made of titanium (which I seriously doubt at this price anyway). Once you put a lot weight on the rig, it can easily crack. I hope you carry insurance on your $4K equipment. For $100 more, you can get JAG35 or gini rigs which can be expanded in the future if needed. To me, that's much better deal than this junk.

  3. I like the mini dolly.
    I built mini out of a cheesplate, 2 sets of skateboard wheels and then ran a bolt/washers up the middle of the cheeseplate so that when I mount the tripod head, there's some height. it's strong enough to hold all the weight of my shoulder rig, follow focus, sound gear.
    this minidolly looks conveinant and compact but definetly can't hold the wight.
    could be wrong tho. can't wait to see someone's video about it.
    and that compact rig whatever....looks horrible. rails and clamps!!! they break down too!!!

  4. RP

    Wow...I paid nearly $700 for my DVTEC Multirig Pro. I can't speak to the build quality of this one, but MAN...it goes to show you what an insane markup there is for video/photo-related products.

  5. slicKrox

    DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount Video Kit looks really nice by its multi functionality, price and its compact to carry it with you in bag. Only few minus, that:
    - Poor ability to put follow focus
    - Is there any ability to put it on the tripod?

  6. I am still after a little dolly after watching some videos i think it would be a nice bit of kit to have for when you need it also think it could be more use then my silder.

    Now i just need to work out do i order one and if so which one or should i just diy it...


  7. DavidG

    Thas so funny I found that wheels dolly yest on ebay and I was going to send you a link to it. I wasnt convinced by its size either so Ive decided to build one!

    will let you know how the experiment went


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