Stabilizer Smack Down IndieHardware vs. Hague MMC

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Shown (left) is the IndieHardware Stabilizer and (right) is the Hague MMC - Mini Motion Cam Stabilizer. As you might know, i've showcased the Hague MMC a few times and the most popular video of mine is the T2i Demo on the Hague MMC. Well I do mention that it's just about at it's limits with the stock kit lens 18-55mm and wouldn't be able to balance anything more. I've seen the IndieHardware Stabilizer many many times, but obviously both designs look similar, so I put it off as just another replica. Looking more carefully at the information within the auctions on eBay for the Indiehardware stabilizer, details claim it's beefier and can carry much more weight. So of course an actual smack down review between the two was necessary.

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After receiving the item today, the first thing I noticed was it was indeed beefy. It looks to be a 1/4" thick aluminum with a very clean bend. The handle doesn't have the range of a Steadicam Merlin, but it does attach via a retaining clip (unlike Hague), so it appears there's no way this handle is coming apart. A big problem with the Hague handle if you pull it hard enough it just pops right off. Another big difference is the double weight stack (seen in my images above). Wow, this thing looks like it's going to balance double the weight compared to the Hague MMC. The price also lists for similar if not 'Cheaper' than the Hague MMC and for us USA guys, the IndieHardware ships from the United States so it's less shipping costs and faster to receive. So far IndieHardware doesn't just marginally beat out the Hague, it should be in a class of it's own 'above' the Hague MMC.

I'm not a fan of the raw polished aluminum (i'd rather black) but I guess something has to differentiate this from a Hague. Also an anodized coating or powder coating of black can run up product costs quickly. I can always put a coating of flat black myself and still save a ton of dollars rather than stepping into a Steadicam Merlin (approx 6 times the price). I'll get some video footage up soon with a couple of different cameras, and let you all know how that goes. You can find the IndieHardware DSLR Camera Stabilizer and prices through this link here. 

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20 thoughts on “Stabilizer Smack Down IndieHardware vs. Hague MMC

  1. Bzenny

    Has anyone else have a problem with the gimbal wandering on a horizontal plane? Ant bit of wind, draught etc. throws it off the straight and narrow. I'm thinking that a universal joint with no play in the rotational would be better than a ball and socket. Where can I get a universal joint like this?

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  4. Dan

    Hi Emm

    Just received one in the post. I want to balance a 5D with a Nikon 50mm 1.8 prime lens. It's a old manual lens and short and light. I could buy a 28mm but that would be of a similar weight.

    2 questions:

    From running a quick test I think I might need more weight?

    The camera screw hole isn't in the centre of the camera so that adds lateral problems. The weight holder can be set off centre so is that the way forward?

    best wishes


  5. Emm

    Post author

    Wow you're right, wiped out his current inventory! I'll send him an email find out if he'll have more.

  6. Yas

    Ebay doesn't have them anymore, the seller is on leave til the 26th and is not selling them as of yet. How much you wanna bet because of cheesycam the item will double in price??

  7. Emm

    Post author

    The problem is with your lens. That lens is way too heavy and when using a stabilizer, you won't be using any zooming. Pick up a wider prime lens and you'll get better video and an easier weight to balance for.

  8. Jay

    Hi man!
    I've got a D5000 with 18-105mm optics which weighs about 1100gram or about 2.4 pounds. Do you think that the IndieHardware stabilizer will work?
    If not, what would you suggest instead?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    Weird, i got a version with the double weight stack. I have both the Hague and IndieHardware at the house, i'll demo them both tonight.

  10. Nick

    I'm reading that it can support a maximum of two pounds. Isn't the T2i w/ kit lens a little heavier than that?

  11. Mike

    you're killing me today! Now that's two things I wish I waited to purchase (lcdvf and now the hague mini).

    Well, you know where the Hague's going....ebay here we come!

  12. jeff

    SWEEt!! I have had my eye on that exact steady cam for a while now. Cant wait for the video review.

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