LCDVF? or LCD Viewfinder Replica?

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Alright this post is a little weird. A tip from Cheesycam reader 'Tony', pointed me out to this EXACT replica of the original LCDVF now available on eBay. I mean dead on exact, and LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE! Looks like some of those plans leaked out, and now a company in Poland is manufacturing these on their own. Wait wait wait!!! Isn't the original LCDVF from Poland and the guy who makes the LCDVF go by the name Tony too?? Don't quote me on all this, but I have a feeling it's really the LCDVF coming out of the same manufacturing plant.

Yeah i'm not sure where this is all going just yet, but this "replica" of the LCDVF is going for a ridiculously cheap price + FREE Shipping for any LCD Viewfinder, so i'm not here to complain. Everything about this unit seems to match the original. Even the 2x magnification. All of the auctions appear to be no less than 5 days old from the same seller (in Poland). From what I can tell about 17 of them have already sold in the last 5 days so it's picking up a bit of steam. The seller has an awesome reputation on sales, so maybe we're just all getting hooked up with some super cheap prices on what could be the original LCDVF?? If anyone grabs one, let us know how that turns out. Check out this LCD Viewfinder that looks like an exact replica of the LCDVF.

The kit comes with:

  • viewfinder with an eye cup and magnifying lensย 
  • 2x magnetic mounting bracket
  • microfiber cloth to keep your lens clean
  • mini-strap
  • neoprene casing with a snap hook

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34 thoughts on “LCDVF? or LCD Viewfinder Replica?

  1. Jimmie

    Now I'm really confused. Ordered an LCDVF for my 7D a few years ago and it came from Poland and no customs duty:

    Ordered one for my 5D Mk III, this time from Estonia and DHL have told me I have to pay more than 20% customs duty.

    WTF? Who/where is the real LCDVF?

  2. Fawaz

    Does anybody know where to get extra magnetic mounting brackets because when I returned my 5D MK2 because the sensor was all messed up I forgot to take it off and I tried transferring one from my 7D onto the 5D MK2 and now it doesn't stick anymore.

  3. I just got this and have been trying it out all day. One warning: THROW OUT THAT MICROFIBRE CLOTH. All it does is ADD dust and bits of itself to the viewfinder and glass.

    Otherwise, it's working pretty well.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Hard to believe. They've been responding about new products for a few months. We'll just have to count the days..

  5. Luis

    Thanks. I emailed them at the same time I messaged you and they said they are releasing a new and improved one with a diopter in approx 3 weeks.

  6. Ordered my LCDVF and its awesome. I love it. I cant believe I was just using that piece of shit hoodman.
    Thanks for the tip, this is a no brainer, 300.00 bucs for a z finder or 69.00 for this polish LCDVF.

  7. Thanks Maersk and Arthur for the confirmation that you received the items. I ordered mine a week ago and I'm still waiting on it. Hoping that it arrives before this weekend. Wish their free shipping option offered a tracking number.

  8. I just received mine and I think the build quality is great and also the image quality. It came with two magnetic cover, and a little HQ bag. I figured out that they are the producers: and you can also order from hong-kong too if its faster than from europe, just search for MK-VF100 on ebay.

  9. mine just got delivered. i emailed the seller and he kindly sent the item via ups for 8GBP.
    it looks like it must be a replica as the packaging reads meike mk-vf100.
    i have a t2i and the fit is fine for me. seems to cut off about 1mm (maybe less) of the left and right of the lcd. not really a problem.

    any questions, just ask ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jill

    Ordered one on Sunday of last week - money was taken from PayPal on Monday. I didn't receive a confirmation email but the item was marked as 'shipped' in my Ebay account. I also recently changed my address, so I sent them an email asking which address they were sending it to and they got back to me the day after - So, it should be arriving either tomorrow (friday) or early next week! I'll report back!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    What?? Crazy! Hopefully I get my version soon to see what the build quality is like. Wow that's going to cause quite a stir.

  12. Thanks for the heads up, this is a great deal. I ordered a Digi Finder Pro from Jag35 last week, and saw on their site that their supply got held up in customs. Jag35 seems to be pretty terrible at keeping items in stock and getting shipments out in a reasonable time. There isn't much info on the Digi Finder Pro, so I was happy to see that for the same price ($70) I can now get the LCDVF. I jumped on this eBay deal and hope that I end up with a quality product at a competitive price.

  13. I just ordered one, but it doesn't seem to come with the eye cushion like the LCDVf does. Anyone know if this can be purchased separately?

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  15. Emm

    Post author

    This one is like the 'original' LCDVF which would crop out about 1mm on each side of your LCD. It will work though, just not a super perfect fit.

  16. steve

    Too bad for me, I already bought 2 from the glidetrack company at full price. The only complaint I would have is that the magnets tend to pull out when removing the viewfinder. Second, the frame isn't as sturdy as it should be. When removing the viewfinder, the frame started to 'peel' off with it. Not good!

    The viewfinder itself is very helpful for shooting video. I get my focus spot on. However, when shooting events, you need to be able to pop on/off the viewfinder 'quickly'. this setup is just to fragile for that.

  17. The Wallbanger

    I was one of those 17 buyers in the past few days. Ordered the item on Sunday, Paypal drafted funds on Monday. Still no confirmation email from the seller, but I have confidence in his 100% approval rating. I'll be sure to check back with my impressions soon. Perhaps an LCDVF side-by-side?

  18. John

    Awesome..I see this the day after I receive mine!! Right on time...jk

    You win some, you lose some!!!

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