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Not long ago I toyed around with a 3.5" mini LCD for about $26 dollars. It also worked on the GoPro HD Cameras that (at the time) lacked any LCD viewing. Now that GoPro has released their LCD BacPac there's no need for this. It definitely would have helped the guys out while shooting testing the Korean Dolly out in this video:

Reader Alex writes in and decides to go about .8 inches larger from the 3.5" to the 4.3" still at the same price. This little LCD also includes settings for adjustment, but would stepping up another inch provide better color, contrast, resolution? We'll just have to wait to hear back, but Alex says it's all working out and more robust than the previous. For cameras that lack a certain angle of viewing, $26 bucks sure would help on those low rotating dollies & sliders shots for framing.

4.3" LCD Monitor DSLR Framing
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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - You'd also have to calculate 'mah' to see if it meets the device's requirements.

  2. Alex

    Copy/pasting my comment from the 3.5" LCD page:

    would it be possible to hook this up to 8 D batteries? that would add up to 12v. also, is a possible solution to power this too

  3. I'll post a video showing how to properly power up these things and how to sort out the connections without a soldering iron. Watch this space:

    Emm, i'll send you a link when it's up.

  4. tim

    I got one of these and tried it out with my T2i. It looked pretty bad, and I couldn't figure out any way to keep it from stretching the 3:2 screen image the t2i puts out to 16:9... but you can focus (kinda) and frame with it.

    Only for the super-budget conscious needing some way to frame an odd angle.

  5. Jason

    I tried a 12V car battery that was fully charged, and various 12V wall worts... all I could get was a white screen. Tried it with 7D and GoPro HD. I'm usually pretty good at hacking stuff together. Vizio has a 7" LCD TV with battery... they're supposed to be releasing some bigger models that get TV reception while moving... so I'm thinking about getting one of those. It will be a little more elegant (built in battery) and double as a TV on the road.

  6. Emm

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    @Cris - Last time it wasn't shown, but they provided a 'lead' end. It was the adapter part + a bit of wire that you had to connect yourself to a power source.

  7. Jared

    Hey, guys. Luckily I just received this item ( in the mail today. (Took about a month and a half to get here.)

    Anyways, I just plugged it into my $25 monitor and it runs just fine. The pack is almost the same size as the monitor, so my plan is to grind off the little post attachment on the back of the monitor, so that it's a flat surface on the back, then epoxy the battery pack to the monitor, then epoxy a 1/4 20 nut to that whole assembly. Also, I like the 3.5" display better than the 4.3" simply because my V-finder fits nearly the entire visible frame when the screen is plugged into my T2i. (The frame doesn't cover the whole screen, but the T2i doesn't fill the screen completely so that's okay.) Sorry for the long post.

  8. Cris

    OK I see on ebay that they do not even have the car adapter on the end of the power cable... they leave that up to you.

  9. Cris

    I was wondering the same thing about the power - was assuming that they come with a car cigarette lighter plug - so you have to hack that?

  10. Yeah, that was a little hardcore but it was one of the first things that came up as I tried to figure out how these things were powered. Just starting on my hdslr adventure with a t2i so I'm piecing my knowledge of the medium together solely from the Internet thanks to sites like this. Thanks for your hard work mate.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Matos - Wow that's a big battery. It might not be worth it to carry that much weight. You could always just get a 7" LCD with internal rechargeable battery like: httpss://

  12. Tony Carretti

    Yeah, but for someone with a T2i this would help take the place of the swivel LCD. I know that's shy I hardly use my T2i anymore. It's just so convenient that the GH2 has the swivel screen.

    And cheaper than upgrading cameras!

    Now if only I could find my T2i's analog cables..... 🙁

  13. @Emm - right, I can sure understand that. I was just saying that it might be better to spend the extra 10$ and get twice the size (from the original 3.5"). Personally I don't think the 3.5" one is really that much use (I have a 60D, so the camera's 3" does just fine)

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Personally if I went with a 7" one i'd just get the really expensive stuff where I'd be using it for Focus, Exposure, and Color accuracy. The cheap LCD's don't provide all these features.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - Have you tried a 12V battery? Apparently someone had the white screen too and it works on 12V not on 9V. Note sure why mine ran on a 9V.

  16. Jason

    I'm a little leery of trying any more of those backup cameras... mine just gave me a white screen, and a lot of other people had the same problem in the comments on the other post. Glad yours wasn't a dud.

  17. Alex

    Woa that was a quick response 🙂
    I'm going to test it a bit more and maybe do a video review if you want 🙂

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