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Not long ago I toyed around with a 3.5" mini LCD for about $26 dollars. It also worked on the GoPro HD Cameras that (at the time) lacked any LCD viewing. Now that GoPro has released their LCD BacPac there's no need for this. It definitely would have helped the guys out while shooting testing the Korean Dolly out in this video: http://cheesycam.com/test-drive-spidertrax-clone-korean-dolly/

Reader Alex writes in and decides to go about .8 inches larger from the 3.5" to the 4.3" still at the same price. This little LCD also includes settings for adjustment, but would stepping up another inch provide better color, contrast, resolution? We'll just have to wait to hear back, but Alex says it's all working out and more robust than the previous. For cameras that lack a certain angle of viewing, $26 bucks sure would help on those low rotating dollies & sliders shots for framing.

4.3" LCD Monitor DSLR Framing
find-price-button 4.3" Mini LCD Monitor


No audio in this video, I had nothing to say. Just playing around. Testing a 3.5" LCD to see if it will hold up as a remote viewfinder or Electronic View Finder. It displays 960x480 pixels, and adjustments can be made to contrast and brightness. I tried other small LCD's but none of them had the pixel count required to focus. The lower pixel count LCD's are only good for framing a shot. This one seems to be pretty good at setting focus and had better color and contrast than the other mini LCD's. Input is through basic composite cables, but the GH2 doesn't do live view recording unless it's through HDMI. The Canon cameras will output with Composite cables during recording, but I don't have my Canon cables with me today, so i'll have to test later. It's also just a 4:3 aspect ratio, and may not be able to convert a 16:9 signal correctly. Could be something pretty cool for the GoPro, but we'll see where I end up with this thing.

find-price-button Mini LCD Monitor with 960x480 Pixels