GoPro LCD BacPac – Now Available

Thanks to a tip from John - Twitter user @itsjohnny2, The long long awaited LCD BacPac from GoPro is now available and in stock. Not much to say here, but damn it's about time!

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This is going to open up a few new doors to what you can do with the GoPro., but it does make that lens more prone to dust and scratches. Shouldn't be a huge deal for you non-sports GoPro users like Timelapse stuff or Steadicam Flying. Here's a video of Cinevate flying a GoPro on a custom stabilizer: I bet they wished they had the LCD screen back then.

Whoa wait wait..I think they do have a rear casing to support the LCD BacPac into the water proof enclosure. Yup, it's all there. Now you can have your LCD underwater too.

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BTW, did you know some folks actually sell Polarized and ND filters for the GoPro? Makes sense, especially on super bright days found here: GoPro ND and Polarized Filters

11 thoughts on “GoPro LCD BacPac – Now Available

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Paola - You should check out the really lightweight stabilizer at the bottom of this article: httpss://

  2. I would like to buy a stabilizer for my go pro, I have seen cinevate and mini hague could work, which would you buy. Do you have CinevateĀ“s link to the stabilizer? I am having trouble finding it in order to see waht the price is.

    Thank You

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  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Tekim - The GoPro might be light enough. Carl just posted a video on how he solved his GoPro steadicam solution.

  5. Jason

    dangit emm..why did you post this...the shipping already went from 24 hrs to 2-3 days in the first you're post will probably double it!

    I'm trying to get a few in time for my shoot on monday!

    And ya, no dust..these babies are completely covered..To the surprise of many!

    Next up 3D kit dropping for $99 soon. $389 if you don't have a camera already..SSSH!~

  6. Rabby

    Hi Emm,

    Do you think this can work as a Elec. LCD View finder attached with the Zacuto Z Finder, i am not sure since I don't have or own one, not sure if there is a HDMI out put. I hope the output is 1080P!!

    Wondering Thanks

  7. Paul

    oh regarding the ND/polarizing filters- be warned, they are just gels- NOT optically clear and if they have the slightest bend produce bands of distortion. I bought one and it is pretty much useless, there needs to be a slightly thicker alternative

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