ikan ID 400 and ILED-ONE

What do you think about ikan's new 4 Bulb LED location light? It's a different take on LED lighting than traditional panels. Pretty clever to be able to swap bulbs not just for color temperature but also for beam angle. The ID-400 comes complete with remote, lighting unit and light stand adapter and one set of tungsten flood bulbs. The bulbs are interchangeable and can be changed easily in the field. Other bulbs including daylight, spot, daylight flood and tungsten spot are sold separately. Can also be powered through optional Battery mount.

visit-button ID 400 4-Lamp LED Light

It doesn't stop there. The bulbs can also be used with Ikan's new ILED-ONE. A custom hot shoe mounted LED bulb housing that allows you to replace the bulb from Daylight to Tungsten and beam angles from 40 to 60. Power pack is sold according to battery type you'll be using from Sony, Canon, and Panasonic.

visit-button ikan iLED ONE Deluxe Kit on camera video light

12 thoughts on “ikan ID 400 and ILED-ONE

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  2. The type of LED used in the Ikan unit is an extremely high output LED. Most likely one made by Cree or Luxeon. These LED's actually contain the same warnings as a class 2 laser. Not only are they almost unbearable to look into. They're also potentially dangerous.

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  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Zak - I don't think this is a rebrand. This looks to be like an original product from Ikan, and i'm hoping it has a really good far throw. Off camera lighting is very nice to use, but with LED's sometimes you have to get close (and in the shot). This looks to solve some of those problems.

  5. Zak

    Has anyone found the original chinese version of this light yet? It's obviously a generic model repacked and tweaked to Ikan standards like others have suggested. But I could care less about a remote control and the name printed on it if it saves me $200. Otherwise this looks like a really interesting unit, it's about time we had something with a longer throw than most LED's.

  6. Brent Hardinge

    I found it interesting that the 312 led variable color light they introduced at the same time looks nearly identical to the 312 on eBay that has been mentioned on this site before... But it's $200 more! I just got the non-variable 312 and was comparing the pictures of the ikan and it looks identical, even the chargers look the same.

  7. Doing a bit of research online I found this seller of powerful led lights that look just like the leds in the ID400 and also of the more expensive LEDZ brand of lights.


    As you can see you get the option 3000K or 6000K bulbs. Perhaps a DIY project in the near future? I'd love get something going with these bulbs. They look quite powerful.

    Any ideas would be great.

  8. Looks good but I must say other then the flagship ID 400 all the lights looks like slight variations of current LED panels seen here on Cheesycam.

    My guess is that they are made by the same factory in China but made to Ikans specs such as the variable color temp.

    Does that feature make the Ikan light worth the extra money? Not sure on that one but overall the price are not that bad for lights in general.

    I have a still photography background and a light for $500 is nothing to me. I just want the light to be nice and have an ability to sculpt the light with various modifiers.

    Lets hope someone makes a strong LED light that you can add softboxes and umbrellas to in the near future.

  9. Mike Chenoweth

    Haven't tried the 4 bulb against the 160 LED, but it did throw more light than the 155 (considerably) - for an ENG location light, it's actually a pretty cool set up. The remote control of the LEDs is a very nice feature.

  10. Paweł Czerski

    The 4-bulb one at $500 gives as much light as 160 LED at less than $80 (ebay)... What a deal! 🙂

  11. Mike Chenoweth

    I prefer the z96. The lights are truer to daylight. Cost is night and day as well. Runtime using larger sony or canon batteries are nice for the ILED 155 but I prefer their Multi K light over the 155. z96 though for the $$ can't be touched.

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