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What do you think about ikan's new 4 Bulb LED location light? It's a different take on LED lighting than traditional panels. Pretty clever to be able to swap bulbs not just for color temperature but also for beam angle. The ID-400 comes complete with remote, lighting unit and light stand adapter and one set of tungsten flood bulbs. The bulbs are interchangeable and can be changed easily in the field. Other bulbs including daylight, spot, daylight flood and tungsten spot are sold separately. Can also be powered through optional Battery mount.

visit-button ID 400 4-Lamp LED Light

It doesn't stop there. The bulbs can also be used with Ikan's new ILED-ONE. A custom hot shoe mounted LED bulb housing that allows you to replace the bulb from Daylight to Tungsten and beam angles from 40 to 60. Power pack is sold according to battery type you'll be using from Sony, Canon, and Panasonic.

visit-button ikan iLED ONE Deluxe Kit on camera video light