Canon SX30 IS hits the streets


Slowly the new Canon SX30 IS camera with 35x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization is hitting the streets. I've been waiting to upgrade my Canon SX210 IS after seeing the incredible Zoom capabilities with Image Stabilization from the video in this article: Still not available in many websites, but smaller camera retailers that are using eBay are advertising inventory. They are putting a small markup over the suggested retail price, but at least some auctions will throw in a 4GB SDHC card. If you gotta have one now, check it out: Canon SX30 IS Digital Camera with 35x Zoom

2 thoughts on “Canon SX30 IS hits the streets

  1. charles benincasa

    I was all excited until I looked at the Canon website the sensor there using is the (charge coupling device)or better known as a CCD, Sadly though the spec's from Canon indicate that it is a 1/2.3 size chip which explains why I dont see any Moire in sample video's my guess minimal down sampling or line skipping which is good in one respect but becasue of this No Depth Of Field for this camera ARGHHHHH!!! Well i guess its true when they say you cant always have your cake and and icing too..LoL.

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