Major Studio Upgrade – Red Bull Vending


How are we to be productive without Caffeine? Big ups to AC for dropping one of his vending machines down to my studio. If you're wondering how this blog stays updated, you figured out my secret addiction. That machine will be cleared out in a week just on my own. This machine looks awesome and is a kick ass night light too. Mini Bar, Refrigerator, and Microwave for Monster tacos coming soon....LOL. [Thanks AC]


9 thoughts on “Major Studio Upgrade – Red Bull Vending

  1. Now you have to set up another flag to control the spill from your "nightlight" each time you do a shoot. Shoulda thought that one through.

  2. Tina aka your fav sister

    i like those couches! i wonder where they came the machine stocked? and where the heck does AC get one of those?

  3. 3pointedit

    What a great new lighting source! It's a Kino on the outside, open the door and BANG a HMI spot on the inside (but does it turn off when you shut the door?). It doesnt look very portable though, how will you get it out on shoots?

  4. What about three Monsters a day - is that bad? They are the zero carb ones... Hey - they might be better than coffee and cigs I suppose. I'm jealous of your redbull machine tho! That's awesome!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Darn...ok i'll cut back on the Monster Tacos =). Yeah I hear ya though, these energy drinks will get you .....

  6. Neil

    Dude, I'm gonna worry about you big time if you get through one of those every week!

    I enjoy your blog way too much to have you O.D. on Red Bull and keel over from a heart attack!

    I was a camera assistant on big TV and film stuff for almost 8yrs and I mistakenly thought all I needed to last 14hr days was coffee and cigarettes. How wrong I was. Ultimately, it was my mental health and a recurring back problem that got me out of assisting and in to writing, directing and story consulting.

    To all of you out there... Its all well and good flexing your creative muscle with awesome tools and technology but DO NOT take your health for granted. Can't shoot much of anything if you're six feet under.

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