Kodak Pulse Digital Picture Frame

Caught this little digital picture frame over at Best Buy and had the chance to play with it a bit. It's the perfect little digital Touch screen picture frame (and cheap), that i've been trying to put into my father's house. Since everyone is shooting digital, and I don't know anyone who still prints photos, he's been quite out of the loop in seeing pictures of the grand kids. There's been picture frames like this before, but normally you had to 'register' for a monthly service fee. I asked several times just to be clear, and there's no monthly service for this Digital Frame.


This little frame sets up on a Wifi network (which I already have setup for him), and comes with it's own email address. Anyone can send photos to the frame through the email address including images sent from your cell phone. There's also a way to connect Facebook accounts so that images are shown on the frame immediately. Obviously you can also configure it to connect to Kodak Gallery (wasn't that Ofoto?). It comes with only 512MB of internal memory, but plenty of options for SDHC and Compact flash cards.


Since i'll be away from the frame, there's even a web console I can log in to administer the Kodak Pulse Digital Picture Frame. In fact you can manage multiple picture frames from a single account. If you happen to be away from the picture frame - say vacation, you can always stay updated with all the latest photos through the same web console. There's currently a 7" version, but a new 10" version will be released next month. Check out your local retailers, but I grabbed mine for a few bucks cheaper via Amazon: Buy Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Digital Frame

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    I don't have it yet, but there is a web interface. I would imagine it's all available through the web browser.

  2. No Worries

    Reviews on Amazon indicate this frame leaves a lot to be desired. No mass delete? No reset to factory defaults? No way to change orientation of pictures? Any truth to those reviews?

  3. Have you played with the facebook feature yet? Does it allow you to connect to specific fb albums, or how does it work? Looks like a nice little device that overcomes my biggest gripes about these devices!

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