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Over the past few weeks you've probably seen a few of these MustHD LCD monitors pop in in some of my videos. Here's a closer look at two specific models and what the M-701 (7 inch) and M-501 (5 inch) monitors have to offer.

According to Camera Motion Research "MustHD monitors have a full feature set and great build quality, including the excellent removable folding sun shade, battery plate and battery locking, and HDMI cable locks. Color accuracy out of the box, particularly on the M701 is outstanding. They are the best performing monitors we have found at a very affordable price."

M-701 Color Accuracy Test

Besides offering a detachable sun hood, an HDMI lock, and HDMI pass through, each monitor can accept three different optional battery plates for Sony, Canon, or Panasonic and share similar software features such as Focus Peaking, False Color, Black and White, Blue Only, Zoom, and more. For an entire specification sheet of each model, check out the https://CamotionLLC.com website (found here).

find-price-button MustHD LCD Monitors M-701 & M-501


Rokinon 35mm F/1.4
find-price-button Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 For Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax

Just talking about how well reviewed the Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 lens was, and now here's a bit about the Rokinon 35mm F/1.4. First off, this is the same as the Samyang but since it's a different name, you'll save about $100 dollars off the retail price.

For Nikon, the Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 lens actually has a 'focus confirmation chip' built in. Why did they not include this for the other brands? The Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 comes in at an excellent price range, and I would say very affordable. This new 35mm F/1.4 sounds good, but it's going to have some very very stiff competition. In this area you could still get the wildly popular Sigma 30mm F/1.4 for cheaper, and that comes with full Auto Focus.

The Sigma 30mm F/1.4 has already been proven out in the field and is a very sharp lens for cheaper than than the Rokinon 35mm. The Sigma 30mm is just a tad wider, but that's a good thing especially for cropped cameras. If prices don't change, in my opinion the Sigma is the lens to get. A quick note to Micro Four Thirds shooters - the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 has been discontinued for Four Thirds cameras. If you're considering this for a GH2 (would need an FT to MFT adapter), there might be a few left in retail spots like Amazon Here, or check a few eBay Auctions Here.

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 10.31.51 PM
find-price-button Sigma 30mm F/1.4


We've been using a set of Senheisser wireless microphones forever. You can hear the quality in my Real Estate Tour video when we added the Lavalier to the agent. It's pretty good. Lately though, they've been acting a bit funny and dropping audio. I think they are about ready to give up the ghost. There's a wedding tomorrow, and I wanted to have at least some cheap backup solution in case the Senheisser's totally died. So the only place open tonight was Fry's. I passed by the wireless microphone section and they only carried one set of Sony WCS-999's.

Oh well, it can't be that bad. I just need it for a backup solution in case i'm dead in the water. I was wrong...soo soo wrong. After testing it out for not even 5 minutes, these things drop audio if it's just 5 feet away. It's garbage, it's crap. I researched some reviews over at bhphotovideo.com and it's true. Everyone has the same problems and they don't get further than a few feet. Even at super close range it's sounds like crap with a whole bunch of hissing. There are no levels to adjust, it's just crap. Ok that's my review, they are going back in the morning.

I still need to order another set of Wireless Lavs. What is everyone else using? Give me a holla in the comments section.