MustHD M-701 / M-501 (7 inch / 5 inch) LCD Monitors

Over the past few weeks you've probably seen a few of these MustHD LCD monitors pop in in some of my videos. Here's a closer look at two specific models and what the M-701 (7 inch) and M-501 (5 inch) monitors have to offer.

According to Camera Motion Research "MustHD monitors have a full feature set and great build quality, including the excellent removable folding sun shade, battery plate and battery locking, and HDMI cable locks. Color accuracy out of the box, particularly on the M701 is outstanding. They are the best performing monitors we have found at a very affordable price."

M-701 Color Accuracy Test

Besides offering a detachable sun hood, an HDMI lock, and HDMI pass through, each monitor can accept three different optional battery plates for Sony, Canon, or Panasonic and share similar software features such as Focus Peaking, False Color, Black and White, Blue Only, Zoom, and more. For an entire specification sheet of each model, check out the website (found here).

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46 thoughts on “MustHD M-701 / M-501 (7 inch / 5 inch) LCD Monitors

  1. Hey Emm

    Have you tested to see if the DC power connecter is standard size for an external battery pack? The optional fp970 batteries are heavy and I would rather use my external battery pack with long cable and have it in my pocket in the field. Or velcro to my steadicam vest. What do you think?

  2. nav

    Hey there.

    Anyone have additional feedback on the 7" monitors? how does it compare to the Aputure vs-3?


    Thanks for the help!

  3. Dave

    I just ordered the MustHD 7" monitor with NP-F battery plate, and wonder what battery life is like with this. Those NP-F970 batteries are quite heavy. I'm wondering how long a NP-F770 would last. Do any of the functions increase battery drain?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Alan - No that's not how the Canon 5D Mark II cameras work. It will shut down the rear lcd the moment you plug something into the HDMI port. Newer cameras don't have this issue and many of the latest cameras can output a 'clean' hdmi feed (no overlays, no text, and full 1080p or 4K out) for recording.

  5. Alan

    Hi Emm,
    Would I get my rear viewscreen back if I hooked up a powered splitter and this monitor.

    Thankyou Alan.

  6. bigfoot

    from your experience, what is the color accuracy of this monitors? Did you notice any color cast? Many thanks!

  7. Joey

    I ordered a MustHD 5.6 inch display. Overall, I am happy with the monitor. One thing to note is that the contrast ratios 7" are better. Also, keep in mind that the 5.6 is a 6-bit, 262k colors compared with the 5" and 7" that are 8-bit 16m colors. What that means is that the color rendering on the 5.6" is not as good. I noticed that it was impossible to perfectly calibrate the monitor for color because it simply cannot reproduce certain colors. It's still does what I needed it to do.

    Also, make sure you get the battery plates that you need. It only comes with the one for the Sony batteries, not the Panasonic or Canon batteries, those are $20 extra. I made the mistake of not getting the plate for the Canon batteries I own because the image on their website that shows what's "In the box" shows all 3 battery plates. I spoke with a rep on their live chat, and told them how confusing that was and I recommended that they change the image. I told them that I was willing to pay the extra $20 for the plate, but I didn't want to pay for the extra shipping since I would've added it to the cart with my initial purchase if I would have known.

    Fortunately, they allowed me to just send them $20 via PayPal and they had the plate sent to me with no additional shipping costs. The plate arrived within a few days and they payed for the shipping costs themselves.

    That's good customer service. I just checked their website and they changed the image to only show what's available NOT including the optional accessories.

    Good job MustHD!

  8. JRF


    If you purchase direct from MustHD and have a problem with the product, you will have to pay for return shipping.

    My monitor arrived malfunctioning, they could not offer a technical solution and requested I sent the product back. Return shipping cost me over $70 which they will not refund despite several requests or a request for their shipping number/ vendor. If you're going to buy this monitor, find one in the US market with a good return policy. Otherwise you might have a very disappointing experience and financial loss.

  9. Thanks Emm (I just purchased the 7" one from the link; hope that helps you)! That's awesome ok, here's what I got from your post and then a quick wikipedia search (haha)- X and Y are coordinates that correspond to a chart called CIE-1931 that mixes RGB with luminance. That chart has a range of "whites" depending on the color of light (known as the "white point"). The third number is not really important for this test (all three numbers just have to equal 1). So, if a white point registers well with CIE-1931 it usually means it has a balanced RGB for the rest of the color space (I guess).

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - I believe they are testing the white balance. The meter shows coordinates on a CIE-1931 chart. Basically the X and Y values are telling you where you are on the chart color wise. One problem is they don't specify what the monitor settings were during this test, but if it was set to daylight, then the accuracy is pretty good.

  11. Hey anyone able to explain the color accuracy video? I can't figure out what it's saying. I can't even find a way to explain it to me lol

  12. ilias

    501 monitor in must hd website its out of stock!
    i have sent 3 mails but nothing not response!!

  13. Craig

    Rich, am i reading this right? The 5.6 model offers 1280x800 resolution but drops down to 6 bit (262k) color? The other models have 8bit (16.7mil) color?
    Why the drop on that model?

  14. We don't currently stock the 5.6 IPS 1280x800 monitor. If there is interest (hint, drop us an email), we’ll certainly stock it at $305.

    All the monitors we sell have HDMI out, and our price on the 5” monitor is the same as the MustHD price. Also, we have in stock the LP-E6 and F970 battery plates, and will be adding the V-mount and Anton battery plates.

    Regarding battery life with various batteries on the monitors, we do not have documented data to share right now. But we’re setting up controlled tests and will report on results with the 5”, 5.6” and 7” monitors with LPE6 and F970 batteries as soon as testing is completed.

  15. J Toha

    Thanks for the heads up of another monitoring solution. I haven't jumped at Lilliput till now even though it's priced attractively, instead so far I've been using Zacuto EVF but yearning for a bigger monitor. The 5.6" and 7" versions are 1280x800 in resolution so that's a big selling point, especially at that price.

    Any owners who can share the runtime with dual LP-E6 batteries, or with the single NP-F970?

  16. I forgot to add the MustHD has 1280x800 pixels. One of the most important points to consider when purchasing a monitor.


  17. I have purchased and received the MustHD 7inch version from
    Right out of the box the monitor appears to be beefy and has the HDMI pass through, battery plate options when ordering and 1/4 20 all the way around. The onscreen color is impressive. I don't know how many monitors I have used and there seems to be a shift. It has all the settings (focus assist etc) of the much more expensive monitors and has held up well indoors and out. I live in Minnesota, enough said. I prefer ordering local (USA) fast shipping and customer service. No brainer. Finally an affordable monitor that has most semi-pro options and accurate color. I use it with a Canon Mark III and a GH3.
    Thanks Emm. I appreciate it.

  18. Thanks, and interestingly enough that was the post that pointed me to them in the first place. And as always I ordered from your link. I appreciate the help. I would rather think of it as "Future Proof" than overkill. 😉

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Digital Dub - You will certainly be very happy with the AC7. It's priced high, but it offers many features that other monitors don't offer in the same price range. The price makes more sense when you are able to take advantage of all the features they have to offer. This comment I made a while back may be helpful: httpss://

  20. I agree, and I apologize. I certainly should have worded my comment better and less pointedly.

    This is a site I trust, regardless of who's been around how long, because of your great reviews and advice. This one just seemed off. My browser did not refresh and so I saw yesterdays comments only and thought the post had moved on. Once again my apologies. And yes, I love and trust Dave as well.

    I literally have an order pending on an AC7, saw this and was yearning for your input. That's a huge price difference. Thanks again for your response.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Digital Dub - I appreciate the support, but if you leave comments like that, you should expect an answer.

    Let me rewind a bit and start by suggesting that we don't start comments with accusations or assumptions. First accusal of a sales pitch. Our presentation simply introduces these new products, points out it's features and highlights. At no point did we ever make claims that this monitor is better than anything else on the market or did I suggest that you should not consider other monitors. Despite how short the video was, it took two days and several people to make it happen. Videos like this take time, that we don't always have as a luxury.

    Next let's point out your assumptions about the Camera Motion Research company. They have been around in this business longer than I have. Don't take my word for it, here's a video done several 'years' ago from Dave Dugdale httpss:// reviewing their BalckBird Stabilizer. He looks like a guy you can trust. If that's not enough take a peek at the RED forums, guys who shoot with expensive cameras and are excited to use their new Radian Pro wireless kits. Here's an example review:

    Not to set examples, but the official Juicedlink twitter only has 41 followers. That company has a huge influence in DSLR Video, but social networking is not their primary focus. I know we live in a world where if you don't have enough Yelp review, it's probably not a good place to eat, but traditional businesses aren't caught up with the mindset just yet.

    Ok so accusations and assumptions aside, the reason I didn't touch on the Canon Rebel cameras, or 5D Mark II originally is simple. I just don't use those cameras very much because they cripple the HDMI. If monitoring from HDMI is important for you, you may have to look at a different camera. Don't blame me, Canon cripples this, but yet even cheaper cameras like the BMPCC or GH3 offer full 1080 and don't even hijack the rear LCD display. A newer camera may alleviate many of your frustrations with cripple 480 out.

    I don't have all the answers, and so I suggest we start comments with basic questions and there are many people who comment here that have better answers than I do, and may even suggest a better monitor for your setup. Let's keep this as an open conversation instead of requiring me to be the only point of information. The resellers, the manufacturers, and other experienced users can often offer better information than I can. Of course whenever I have time, i'll try to address them also.

    For basic specs already highlighted. The SmallHD DP7 has a 1280 x 800 IPS LCD for $1399. The 7" MustHD also has an IPS LCD with 1280x800, but costs around $335.

    The second video in the article is showing how accurate White Balance is. Like a camera, if you can get proper white balance, then colors will be more accurate. (this is still subjective to the user). Of course there are many other variables that play a role in cost. Input (the MustHD has no SDI), waveforms & scopes, signal conversion, expansion ports, durability, upgradeable firmware, contrast ratio, etc.

    I feel what works best for everyone is that when we can share new products, and that we can all provide our different experiences, comments, and input about such pros, cons, or even comparable products in the market.

  22. Woah, didn't mean to upset you. Just saying that the only opinionated info (which is what I thought this site was about) was quoted from a very suspect looking DEALER of the item being reviewed. I only mentioned the facebook likes because I was trying to find some sort of credibility to their site which otherwise looks like it was made yesterday. I would think you could appreciate the fact that may seem biased. And I wouldn't call these reviews for "free" seeing how many THOUSANDS of dollars worth of equipment I gave you kick-backs from (I'm assuming your links generate referrals?) At least that's what my browser tells me when I order from your links. I also tag you in my instagram feeds which I would count as advertisement. :shrug: My apologies. I just expected more based on your awesome content in the past.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Digital Dub - First, i'm sorry you have to justify your life around Facebook 'likes'. Here's my suggestion don't buy it. It doesn't sound like it's right for you. Maybe you should wait until their profile has more likes before you take a second look at this product.

    I've already commented about the feature for 'delay of recording' and it's only been two days since i've posted the article. Sorry, i'm not jumping through hoops for you (for free), but i'll get to it when I can.

    If you need some additional info, check the specs, email the seller they are far more knowledgeable than I with these products, or contact the manufacturer through their support email.

  24. I'm with Chris, where's the really important points? Does it scale 480p from the Mkii/60/70/txi properly? And who the heck is Camera Motion Research? The guys with 750 fb likes?

    I usually find your reviews a bit more in depth. This sounds like a sales pitch.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Liam - Here i'm using the 5.6" MustHD with the GH3 on the CAME 6000 Gimbal: httpss://

  26. Liam

    Great information thanks man saved me some money. I'm happy with the GH3 at present and am not sure that the GH4 is going to be much use for me until I have a more powerful editing workstation etc.

    Any ideas then whether this MustHD monitor would be a good option for GH3? The 5.6" appeals to me.

    Thanks again.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Liam - I can understand that getting an Atomos is a great combo monitor and recorder, but just keep in mind for the GH3, the HDMI is never what you want it to be. If you are shooting at 24fps 1080, the HDMI out on the GH3 will always be 59.94i / or 59.94p. You can still capture 59.94i with the Atomos, but it's not always a clean signal. (my current nightmare).

    The GH4 hopefully will be a different story, but the Atomos won't be able to capture the 4K (unless they can come up with some firmware).

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - Sorry, I have not tried that monitor. Maybe someone else can comment on that.

  29. Liam

    Any idea if this will work with GH3/GH4? I've been wanting a monitor for a while but am tempted to spend a bit (a lot!) more and get a Samurai Blade. But these are a lot cheaper and pretty tempting...

  30. Simon

    The 5" version is $20 cheaper direct from and offer worldwide free shipping for those of us not in the USA.

    SDI-IN option is apparently coming in March which will worth the wait if the price is not substantially higher like most monitors.


  31. Chris

    Thanks for the letting us know this product exists, but how come there isn't any mention of how the image looks on screen? How does it look compared to a Mashall, Lilliput or SmallHD. Would you recommend it?

  32. I shoot with 5D3 so I'm hoping it won't lag too much, at least better than my current setup -- Samsung Note classic via dslr controller. Thanks again, I think I'll go with 5.6"

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Nang - I don't use Magic Lantern enough to speak on that, but maybe someone else can answer your question. The monitor displays in real time, but if you experience lagging during recording, that may be dependent with the camera you are using and how it outputs.

  34. Nice review! I'm on the fence right now between the 7" and the 5.6". There's no lag correct during movements while recording? Also, do you know how this monitor would react with Magic Lantern?

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @Ilias - I haven't tried on those specific cameras, but monitors use a special 'mode' to prevent recording delays. This one has that option so it appears instant without dropping. I can try this with one of my Canon 5D Mark II cameras to see if it drops out.

  36. Thanks for sharing this! This looks very promising - however, can anyone explain the color accuracy video? Yes, it concerns me if the monitor is accurate, but I have no idea what those numbers mean.

  37. Ilias

    Emm you have test it with canon 60d or 70d?when you rec downside 480p like other monitors,?

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @Josef - I don't remember specifically, but I've been using these monitors on and off with different cameras without any issues. I can double check later today when I get in to the studio.

  39. Emm,

    According to the website the 7 inch version will accept a 1080p image.
    Have you tried it with your bmpcc?

    I'm looking for an affordable off camera directors monitor for my pocket. Hoping this could be it.

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