GH2 Rails Follow Focus View Finder Microphone

I have to say this was a hard camera to track down. It's pretty much sold out and on back-order everywhere you look. Luckily, a good guy over in Berkley, CA ended up with 1 too many from pre-orders and sold it to me. Quality is great for something this small and definitely the menu's were easier to figure out than the Sony A55. I love all the manual controls, buttons, and dials that make setting up shots fast. I'm not big on Follow Focus stuff as you can tell from all my old videos, but this thing takes a while to get the lens in focus. You end up spinning the focus ring around a bit more than a Canon lens, so having a Follow Focus system mounted is a huge help to ease those many rotations. Maybe it's just the stock 14-42mm lens I have with it, and i'll try out some different ones soon.

First few minutes out of the box, and it got fitted onto a set of Cinevate rails, with Cinevate Follow Focus, and Cinevate Cyclops LCD View Finder. Couldn't plug in the Rode Videomic directly as Panasonic decided to use a 2.5mm instead of standard 3.5mm wth? The Cyclops View Finder was an excellent way for me to magnify the LCD without having to place sticky metal frames and keeping the ability to swing the LCD around. All still in experimental phase people.....i'm learning...

find-price-button Panasonic GH2 w/14-42mm

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Pete Smith - The Cyclops magnifies the LCD and appears to be a very large screen. It's not a view finder like the small ones. You have to see one in person to understand what it does. It's almost like carrying a 7" monitor, and you don't need to put your face to it. Great for angles and such.

  2. Just got a GH2 as well, was wondering why you were using the Cylcops; the EVF has a higher resolution than the LCD.

    Just a preference thing or is the image clearer through the screen?

  3. david

    How well does the cyclops fit the LCD screen of the GH2? I tried it on both a GH1 and a Canon T2i and the Cinevate Cyclops was a horrible fit.

    On both cameras it was too high to fit flush against the LCD and on the the GH1 it was also too large for the LCD (showing about 1/8 inch of daylight under the camera). Also, their mounting screw was too long for both cameras so it didn't hold the cameras secure to the cyclops sled.

    Overall a very poor design, IMO and they should tell people it doesn't fit the smaller cameras (they still don't mention it on their web site) before you pay for shipping both ways and restocking fees. Zacuto & Letus along with others sell different sized viewfinders for the T2i and smaller cameras. Cinevate pretends it fits everything -- and it doesn't.

  4. Emm

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    @James - GH2 video is pretty nice. Not very happy with the stock lens for video though. I'm going to try some with better aperture.

  5. Emm

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    @AdoFilms - The Cyclops is not attached to the LCD. It's mounted on an articulating arm that holds it in front. You can swing the cyclops away using the articulating arm.

  6. Emm, cool looking setup. Does using that on a screen that pulls out feel uneasy? I was always curious how flip out screens would handle magnifiers or any attachment for that matter.

    I approve of the music selection!
    Dr. Who Fan Emm?

  7. Chris

    Was thinking about using it on a monopod setup I have...could it be used as a contact point? Is it comfy on the eyes?

  8. Emm

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    @Chris - It's an odd looking thing, but you have to see it in person. It magnifies the LCD screen to look like a fairly large monitor. It's not the View Finder that you shove against your face for support, it's meant to just magnify the LCD display. There's like zero distortion viewing it too. When the camera is set low on a tripod with the 60D or GH2 I can rotate the LCD to point up and magnify it with the Cyclops. It's something you have to see to understand.

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