Canon Camera Money Piggy Bank


Funny it's not often I stare over at my Cameras and think "This thing is going to save me some money". Well that could all change with this novelty product designed after a Canon 350D DSLR with 24-105mm F/4L lens. It's a Piggy bank, less the pig. Very cool, wish I had seen this earlier, this would have been a cool Christmas gift. Then again, it's never too late to add to your Canon Lens Mug Replica collections.

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6 thoughts on “Canon Camera Money Piggy Bank

  1. Annette

    Hi, this article was a few years back however I am actually trying to look for a video camera lens mug (mug size as opposed to tall thermos size). My dad was in the industry for a lifetime and I think it would be a great gift.

  2. Kyle

    Very cool gift- I want one! But on the other hand, if you want to hide your piggy bank from burglars, disguising it as a $3,000 rig might not be the best idea! 🙂

  3. Emm! This thing is sweet!

    As a side note...I'm here to ask you to add a favicon to the site so I don't have a blank icon on my toolbar shortcuts!

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