Canon 60D Battery Grip Aftermarket BG-E9

find-price-button Canon BG-E9 60D Aftermarket Battery Grip

Thanks to Chris S. for his swift notification on a recently released and much anticipated item. It appears that the first BG-E9 Canon 60D Aftermarket Battery Grips are rolling out the door and coming in at about a quarter price of OEM. Looks like the pretty standard design compared to the other aftermarket grips, which I have on all my cameras (except one 60D). I wouldn't be surprised if it was all being made out of the same factory. Some auctions include a few un-decoded batteries, which I suggest you skip out on. You're still better off trying out the ones I received that show the battery meter, can be charged with the OEM charger, and even carry the Canon stamp found here:

Image of my OEM BG-E9 on Canon 60D

Chris has his on order, and hopefully he'll throw up a nice review on it. I'll probably be doing my own review as well. I have two Canon 60D's and one already has the the expensive OEM BG-E9. With a second grip-less Canon 60D on hand, I guess that would make me the perfect candidate to do a side by side review OEM vs. Aftermarket. Yup - already on order. I'll be doing a side by side comparison with close up detail photos of each, but knowing how overseas shipping goes, it won't be until next year (that sounds so far..).

[Update] A few people have mentioned they received emails from the seller that items can't be shipped due to damage. Might be something going on, and everyone should hold off.

find-price-button Canon BG-E9 60D Aftermarket Battery Grip

12 thoughts on “Canon 60D Battery Grip Aftermarket BG-E9

  1. Paul

    I've recieved a Meike battery pack for my 60D and it works perfectly with both canon and non-canon LP-E6 displays all the battery info.very pleased with it,especially as it only cost £33.03 from

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @DeShaun - Thanks, I know sometimes it takes several weeks. I haven't heard anything back either, but there are some other 'more reputable' companies selling the same product. This leads me to believe the product is very real.

  3. I ordered the grip on eBay from "eshopic" on 12/28/10. I still haven't received any shipment confirmation via email nor eBay. The estimated delivery date is before 1/6/11. So if it's not at my steps Friday I will contact the seller for a refund. If nothing gets resolved then I'll file a claim. I'm a pretty skeptical at this time but I hope I'm wrong. I'll keep you all posted.

  4. Arijit

    The price seems to be back to normal again. But has anyone received the grip as yet? Is it worth the cash? the deal looks fishy, thats why i have not gone in for it as yet!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Duff - I didn't receive that email, but I agree, something isn't right. I think someone else mentioned that too.

  6. Did anyone else get their money refunded with an e-mail saying the product was broken in transit? Of course, this is after the price went up. Something's fishy...

  7. This one appears to be made by "NICANO", who I've not heard of before.

    What's odd is that the battery tray doesn't load from the end like the Canon 60D battery grip, so if this really is for the 60D it's not an accurate copy.

    I'm waiting for the Phottix version to come out, which after asking, I know they are in the process of developing.

  8. This is at the top of the list of things I've been checking this blog for the past 3 months or so since I bought my 60D. I just put in an order and will relegate my 50D to backup as soon as it arrives.

    What I like about this (hopefully) is how the batteries slide directly into the grip instead of the OEM tray (when I had Rebels, this was very cumbersome).

    Thanks Em!

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