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I have to say this was a hard camera to track down. It's pretty much sold out and on back-order everywhere you look. Luckily, a good guy over in Berkley, CA ended up with 1 too many from pre-orders and sold it to me. Quality is great for something this small and definitely the menu's were easier to figure out than the Sony A55. I love all the manual controls, buttons, and dials that make setting up shots fast. I'm not big on Follow Focus stuff as you can tell from all my old videos, but this thing takes a while to get the lens in focus. You end up spinning the focus ring around a bit more than a Canon lens, so having a Follow Focus system mounted is a huge help to ease those many rotations. Maybe it's just the stock 14-42mm lens I have with it, and i'll try out some different ones soon.

First few minutes out of the box, and it got fitted onto a set of Cinevate rails, with Cinevate Follow Focus, and Cinevate Cyclops LCD View Finder. Couldn't plug in the Rode Videomic directly as Panasonic decided to use a 2.5mm instead of standard 3.5mm wth? The Cyclops View Finder was an excellent way for me to magnify the LCD without having to place sticky metal frames and keeping the ability to swing the LCD around. All still in experimental phase people.....i'm learning...

find-price-button Panasonic GH2 w/14-42mm