7 thoughts on “Jag35 Affordable Electronic Follow Focus

  1. jason

    why are people so worried about the noise??? if you're serious enough to use a FF why would you even consider the on board camera mic as your primary sound?

  2. Jul

    it should be very easy to do something similar with a standard RC servo...a DIY version for using it on a crane wouldn`t cost you more than 100$

  3. Rabi

    The noise and apparent hypersensitivity seem disappointing, but the fact that they are getting something like this out at $300 is really impressive. I'm fascinated now, but I feel like after a version or two this could be brilliant.

    I can't wait to see some independent tests using external mics and more closely addressing the sensitivity.

  4. DigitFilmaker

    This is great. This makes radio controlled Follow focus within reach. It would be extremely simple to attach a hobbiest RC Car Servo and receiver to this unit. Put that Asus Wireless HD transmitter in the mix, (battery Powered) and you now have a wireless Radio Controlled follow focus for use in the field. You can have a separate person pulling focus remotely.

  5. Serge

    No way no how that thing is too noisy and to fast to control even with the smallest of touch, I stick to my follow focus whip. I rather have the noise of an auto focus camera like the D7000.

  6. nice! and as you said, shockingly inexpensive compared to all these other products that people are trying to sponge off our earnings with

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