DIY Lolo Inspired Slider w/ Chrome Upgrade

If you don't already know 'Lolo' is a filipino word for 'GrandFather'. Here's another DIY slider stemmed from the inspirations of Vimeo member LoloTwo's DIY Conduit slider shown on this blog earlier. This version from YouTube member browncowvideo uses chrome hang bars for some smoother sliding action instead of polishing up conduit piping. Might be a bit more expensive, but it sure does look cool. The carrier is also flipped upside down to get a lower center of gravity, and if i'm not mistake I think I see a bit of material in between the conduit couplers, could this be 'felt' fabric? Lookin' pretty sweet...

13 thoughts on “DIY Lolo Inspired Slider w/ Chrome Upgrade

  1. Yep, no problem returning the EMTs for the right ones. I took back over $1000 worth of odds and ends to Home Depot after I had finished a house project over the course of two years and they gave me store credit, no receipts and no questions asked.

    Did you order the rails from someplace? Many big cities have store fixture places that stock them, if you're close to one.

  2. Austin

    Already bought the EMT Connectors, worst case is I have to return them, Im pretty sure id have no problem switching them out right? XD Went to lowes to get stuff for this rig and I think its the only time I have ever been in there to get something for my self (only a teenager so I had fun being stubborn and not asking for help and trying to navigate the store my self XD )

  3. Austin

    Hm wonder I I will have to get different met conncters because if the really is 1-1/4 it might have trouble on 1-1/4 emt connecters?

  4. Austin, that's a fair question. MY bars (that I bought in a wholesale lot from Steve & Barry's liquidation) are exactly 1" in diameter, and I used 1.25" EMT connectors. My bars might be a "nominal" 1.25"... or they might not be the bars I show in the link. But everything else in the hangbar system resembles mine. Strange.

  5. Austin

    Brian, the link you gave me leads to 1-1/4 inch chrome bar, but doesn't it say 1 inch in the video or did I read it wrong? And should it be 1-1/4 inch or 1-1/2 inch emt connecters?

  6. xlerate, I wouldn't use plastic as the rails. I don't think it will slide as well, might sag, and won't hold up well to UV rays outdoors. You'd be better off with Lolo's original EMT conduit.

  7. xlerate

    This looks pretty cool.
    I wonder if the same results can be had with 3/4" PVC in a length short enough to prevent bowing. Or 1" at 4ft.
    Seems here that the felt is the friction reducer.

  8. Austin, Brian, here. Creator of the slider in the video. If you look on the webpage I made for the project, I gave a link for purchasing the chrome hangbars as well as a bunch of other tips on creating the slider: The hangbars are from store suppliers, either locally or online. Yes, it involves another trip (or waiting for an online delivery), but the hangbars are SO worth it. Slide "like buttah." Less than $5/each, too.

  9. Austin

    Where in the world do you get 4 foot 1 inch chrome hangbars? I couldn't find any at my local Lowes.

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