EVF – Electronic Viewfinders

Left to Right - Cineroid EVF, Zacuto EVF, Redrock Micro EVF

Cineroid, Redrock, and Zacuto have all announced EVF (electronic view finder) solutions in the last year to change the very poor unbalanced ergonomics of DSLR video cameras. (Well RedRock doesn't really exist -yet..). The pitch is that you spend a good amount of money on a 3" LCD that can be used as a remote monitor, and then they add on a 'Loupe' to magnify the image and give you a clear image even in the bright sun. Sounds great, i'm totally sold on the idea, but wait. Here's a few new EVF ideas to consider that might make you think a bit differently.


SmallHD DP4 - EVF

DSLR's already have a 3" LCD, so if you're looking to add a remote monitor, why not go a bit bigger? Perhaps SmallHD's newly annouced 4" EVF remote monitor + LCD Loupe. This makes a bit more sense besides being 'of the cheapest' solutions. 4" LCD gives you a bit more usability as a Remote LCD Monitor, and still a very large clear picture when using the Loupe attachment. Why is everyone else stuck on 3"?

Ok so the SmallHD looks like a winner in my book. One of the best displays with highly customizable features makes it a good bang for the buck. Now check out what Cinevate's been up to. The Cyclops is already a ViewFinder Loupe for 3" LCD's, but with the right molds, it can be customized to suit any monitor including Sony's new 5" LCD HDMI monitor. BTW if you're wondering, we did test the Sony LCD on our cameras. It works great and decently priced (for a 5").

find-price-button Sony 5-Inch External LCD Monitor

Cinevate's Cyclops ViewFinder

So if a 3" LCD is just too small to make sense as a remote monitor, or even if a 4" is just a bit undersized, hopefully Cinevate will be able to create adapters for their Cyclops element to mount to a variety of popular LCD's. I wouldn't mind having a Cyclops on my SmallHD DP6 5" LCD.

11 thoughts on “EVF – Electronic Viewfinders

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex 7d - Look something like this? httpss://cheesycam.com/dslr-matte-box-and-usb-follow-focus/

  2. Nice post, I'm really considering de dp4 since it is only around 800 bucks and I've heard that small hd makes some good stuff, but on the other ha d Im also considering buying a dp6 instead of the dp4 I know they are designed for different stuff but I still don't know which one is best for me.

    Btw we cine7d distribute the light craft workshop products in Mexico, and they are launching something like the okII USB controller, have any of you guys tried that out?


  3. Simple solution: don't leave your EVF pointing at the sun. Develop the habit of tipping your EVF down after locking your pan and tilt. Or, make sure your AC does it for you when you step away from the camera. As long as you're aware this CAN happen, you can prevent it. This has been possible for as long as LCD EVFs have existed, so it's nothing new to DLSRs or anything. Just a little common sense and best practices in the field and you'll be fine. That said, just ordered my DP4 EVF last night. Looking forward to putting it to work!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - Any viewfinder, even if left on your camera can magnify sunlight to your screen. I've seen this happen to one DSLR just from leaving the LCDVF on the back while in the sun.

  5. Leo

    Does anybody know if the DP4 EVF will have more protection then the Z-EVF finder when dealing with shots in bright sunlight... i was not going to risk using the Z-EVF in deylight because it might burn a hole on the screen


  6. jason

    My Z-Finder burned spots on my T2i LCD screen beware not to inadvertently aim your Z-Finder at the sun. I could see this happening easily with the new EVF.

    I've checked out that Cyclops, best view finder for clarity ever.

  7. Diesel

    @Emm...That'd be nice wouldn't it? LOL! I wonder how it stacks up next to the Sony considering it's about a third more expensive. I'd like to see which is stronger in day light.

  8. Cinepixtor

    For the price - the CLM-V55 rocks. Although it doesn't scale up my 5D image, the color rendition and peaking are top notch. NO MORE focusing issues since I've started using it!

  9. Olphus

    The DP4 is a 4.3" 800x480 monitor so I wonder what happens to the pitch-density/detail. The Zacuto and Cineroid are both 3" 800x480 and should have higher pitch-density because of the smaller size.
    On the other hand, as a monitor with the loupe flipped up the 4.3" would make more sense.
    The DP6 is 5.6" 1280x800 - how about retrofitting a loupe to it?
    Also, a review mentioned that the Sony 5" doesn't scale up the image of the 5D, 60D?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Diesel - Yeah I have the DP6, just weeks before they announced this version. Wonder if they do trade-ins..LOL.

  11. Diesel

    Good stuff Emm...I'm eyeing that DP4 heavy. SmallHD makes excellent monitors from what I've been hearing.

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