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Vimeo member Lolo Two is at it again, but this time with a more 'polished' (no pun intended) version of his DIY Conduit Slider. The first version here: using 1/2" conduit piping looked like a simple build, but this new version (the Big Brother) with more surface area, polished piping, and double the couplers seems like a very solid build. You'll notice the smooth tracking with a simple push from a screwdriver, and the amount of weight thrown on with a Cinder Block. Very very cool stuff. [Thanks Lolo Two]

11 thoughts on “DIY Slider – Big Brother

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  2. SkunkWorks

    This could be really nice with the anodized aluminum tubing from Home Depot. Probably more expensive than conduit but it's really light weight and "pro" looking stuff. I used some 3/4" for the pillars on my DIY hi-hat riser 😉

    I've also seen the same "finished" aluminum tubing on some cheap 10 dollar products in hardware, department and plumbing & lighting supply stores... it's used as extension polls for various products. Somehow these finished products are even cheaper than the raw material aluminum tube rods they're made from!

  3. Thanks LOLO for sharing,This looks much better, I am building on this weekend. This is great. It should be fun.

  4. Great build Lolo. The footage from this one looks really solid, I am impressed. Definitely a project I am interested in tackling. I think I am literally going to go out to the hardware store now and do some parts scouting.

  5. Lolo Two

    To Jim H and Serge - your previous comments were instrumental in the birth of Big Brother Slider, so thanks for your honest opinions.

    Thank you all for the kind words.

    @Serge-are you talking about the cinder block ???

  6. Dave Dugdale

    Wow, that just gave me an excellent idea on how to make a cheap super smooth DIY slider even better than this one. I am talking it over with my brother-in-law to see what he thinks.

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