DIY Conduit Camera Slider

DIY slider video from Vimeo member Lolo Two. Here's a clever way to take some very inexpensive conduit tubing, a coupler, and with a basic set of tools, come up with a very sturdy camera slider. The coupler works out great since it's designed to fit perfectly around the EMT conduit tubing and also has some easy mounting points for the carriage. The video is pretty thorough on what it takes to get things together, but there's also a parts list following the video link. It's a simple DIY, and I believe that you all 'Con Du It' too... [Thanks Lolo Two]

12 thoughts on “DIY Conduit Camera Slider

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  2. Brandon

    "Lolo" in Tagalog (Philippine language) means Grandpa... If he really is a grandpa, then I guess he has the right to call Em a "Kid"... u Can Du It! lmao!

  3. Haha, the dude called you a kid. Nice.

    As for the slider, the test footage seems a bit sturdy but I guess it's all a matter of practice.

  4. As has been said, the footage was pretty iffy. The project is so simple that I'm tempted to throw one together this week, but it doesn't look like it would be able to handle a DSLR at all.

  5. Ragnar

    ...wondered about that lurching as well. Could be just how he pushed or pulled it. Perhaps spraying those bars with silicon spray would cure any sticking, perahps.

  6. Fabdex

    Not quite high quality enough for critical work, I'm afraid: it looks like it can't quite go at a smooth and constant speed. Sometimes, low budget just won't cut it.

  7. Jim H

    looks easy to make but the example shots were very unsteady, the friction was causing it to slow and lurch. Imagine it with a heavier dslr on it.

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