Apple iPad 2 – On Sale Today

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Apple's new iPad 2 goes on sale later this evening. Still coming in at about the same price as the first generation, but this time with a ton of new upgrades. Faster processor, faster graphics, front and rear facing cameras, thinner, lighter, and all with the same 10 hour battery life.

13 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 – On Sale Today

  1. rabby

    Never been happy with my 7" Chinese made $299 monitor. Everytime I try to calibrate just never look right. .If this can work as monitor I am getting one. Apple's image quality is always great. HDMI is only out so not sure if it will works. There got to be a way. Master Emm anything?

  2. leigh griffiths

    @josue - I would also like to know this. that would make the ipad incredibly enticing.

  3. josue

    Does anybody know if I can use the ipad as monitor to capture the image from my DSLR? instead of using my LCD..

  4. Frankie N.

    What you can do is Wifi it, it can still be used as monitor with an app called "DSLR CAMERA REMOTE" what you can do is install canon software on ur laptop
    than connect ur camera through wifi, than open the app everything its a go.
    should work, i have done with with my iphone and it works.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Bernie H. - If there's HDMI in, I hope there's an app to capture that stream in uncompressed format. LOL.

  6. Wes

    Please let me temper this with the fact that I own an iPad, and I love it. But "ton of new upgrades"? Fanboy alert. 🙂

    Love the site by they way.

  7. Jason

    can you dump canon hdslr video footage from 7d/t2i/t3i/60D strait to an ipad for playback review?

    I read you have to jailbreak it.

    A shame, apple doesnt fully support h.264 on the ipad and they were one of the creators..

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - Nah, I like the Macbooc Air but it would be nice to replace my old iPad with the new lighter, slimmer one with cameras.

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