Spider Steady – Multi Config Camera Rig

Looks like a few new eBay sellers have picked up this unusual camera support item and now there's some promotional videos online. Folds up, folds out, with extremely large (too large?) handles that can configured into different style stabilizers such as a Shoulder rig, Fig Rig, DSLR Cage. Doesn't look like it can be positioned to get a DSLR with view finder loupe offset properly, but functions as a basic shoulder support with an external monitor attached. Above is the most recent video ad promoting this product labeling it as the 'Spider Steady'. Pricing is still less than desirable....

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11 thoughts on “Spider Steady – Multi Config Camera Rig

  1. Hein

    I have seen a few of these rigs on ebay with rail attachments on the front. If you look at the front of the unit you will see there is a hole where you can attach a rail system. That is what I did!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Not directly, but you can mount a set of rails to anything. The rails normally come with a tripod mounting plate. That plate would connect to whatever rig you have.

  3. I just opened the box today, put the 7D with a battery grip on the rig. LOVE IT!

    This thing is cool, it should be called the "contortionist" because you can set it up in many different configurations. It's not small, but it folds up into a very small package for travel. Rock steady, no, but more than sufficient for hand held work. After using the rig for a few minutes I am already thinking how to add a mount for my french flag and perhaps make a simple brace to steady the handgrips so when I hold the unit with one hand while changing focus or zoom, it will not rock as much. Plenty of mounting points to attach my OKII follow focus unit, a small bracket will do it.

    The arms do not "lock" into place, but the friction pivots are tight enough to keep the whole rig in the shape you want it, the mfg supplied a hex key to adjust the pivots if they should come loose over time.

    I have been using a highly modified bushhawk shoulder mount and though it has been good, I wanted something with an over the shoulder brace, rather than just a gunstock, my brushhawk is much smaller overall and will still be used for more "run and gun" work. This rig is better for a more controlled environment, and as it folds out to a larger size, should be more stable than the rig I'm using.

    I had the chance to use a friend's tricked out Red Rock rig with a shoulder pad and counterweights, it was nicer, stronger, heavier and would take an hour to dis-assemble for travel. This rig set's up in 30 seconds. For me that's very useful when working alone.

    I'm looking forward to my next shoot so I can give it a full work out, definitely worth the price $130 and I may be able to hang a counterweight off the shoulder bracket, but as the unit is made of lightweight material that would not be a long term solution, then again I could buy 8 of these compared to the cost of one Zacutio or RR shoulder rig.

  4. ajmalzx

    Over here in Malaysia you can have it for less than $120. I'm sure you can pick it in china for less than $100.

  5. Jesse

    @Tom: totally agree. Heck every other video equipment website I see has girls posing with the products and it's just so dumb because they clearly have no idea what the object is. Even the girls on Zacuto's website. It's actually a turn off for me because they look like they're about to mishandle or drop whatever pricey piece of equipment they're holding...

  6. Cedric

    Hi there,

    Anybody tried this rig? I think this a pretty cool and flexible rig. I am just concerned about the quality of it, but i love the idea.

    Also, if somebody own this thing, can you let us know if you can mount the rig with the camera on top on a tripod?



  7. Tim

    This girl looks like she has no idea what she is holding in her hand...is this a radio??? HiHi
    When you want to sell a product let someone hold your stuff who looks like HE knows what to do with it. sex does not always sell 🙂 Nice rig btw

  8. This is actually a rip-off of a product called the DVTEC MultiRig Pro. It looks the same except the mounting plate is backwards and they have swapped the placement of two of the arms. The MultiRig is pricey, especially for what it is but we absolutely love it. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world but we use it with a GH13 and the combination weighs almost nothing so it doesn't really matter. There a couple major advantages to this thing. First, you can set it up in seconds and it collapses down incredibly small. Second, is that you can use it in more configurations than you can think of. Seriously, we invent new ways all the time...high shoulder rig...low shoulder resting on your stomach...fig rig...low flyer...two handle extra wide grip...set up one handle to rest your focus hand...how about locking one handle into your elbow...monitor...shotgun...the list is endless. After we got our MultiRig we kind of lost interest in all the other shoulder rigs...convenience and flexibility rule all.

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