DIY DSLR Grip Shifter Follow Focus

An interesting start to a DIY DSLR shoulder rig inspired by the twist handle shift method. This time YouTube member geedubya101 uses a grip shifter from a bike and runs the firm cable to the lens. Another piece being used is a rotating flash bracket to add a side handle and some extra mounting options for accessories. Everything you need to know is all in the video, and it looks like it will be a cool little shoulder support when it's all done.

10 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Grip Shifter Follow Focus

  1. Chris

    Great work!
    But what's an "Audio Clip" Is it something like the
    magnetic power connector on an Apple laptop?

  2. Anh Dang

    @Brandhouse: A friction follow focus is still a follow focus that doesn't have the all the weight of the camera on it, so your reference is completely irrelevant.

    Not trying to negate the creator's clever attempt to utilize what he has to get what he needs, and totally agreeing that a shoulder mount would provide further stabilization, I still don't buy whatever you say about any revolution here. This could be a neat idea for one man band sort of cam work, but it will never ever make traditional FF obsolete because it lacks a lot of basics functions like a marking disc, compatibility with cranks and whips, and the ability to be rail-mounted. Moreover the limited focus throw of af lenses helps a lot in making this design feasible. But think about a fast rack with a 270 degree focus throw, I wonder how he could achieve that with this design.

    With all that being said, this is gonna a cool idea as long as a shoulder mount or whatever weight shifting is taken into account.

  3. then if that is the case what about a friction follow focus ?any one would agree that has used one that ,especially with a canon lens,focusing can be just as good as a geared ff.a with that setup u have constant contact .also the only way u could get super wobbly footage on this set up would be if u put most of the weight of the camera/rig on that hand .the solution is simple physics shift most of the wght to the solid hand shoulder and chest and u will notice that the ff handle will feel like its added solution would be to ad some wght to the solid side to stabilize it further i personaly think this is concept is revolution nary and could make traditional ff obsolete,is almost akin to nikons ais linkage.
    to believe this came from two guys ,wood and a couple of beer bottles.

  4. Josef

    Shoulder mounted or not, I agree with Anh Dang and see the major flaw in this system that when he twists his wrist he is moving a piece that is directly connected to the "support" system of the camera. The reason FF units work at all is that they move the point of contact away from the camera and support system.

    I really think the idea is cool, but as a regular shooter with the D|Focus, his solution would render my footage unusable.

    Here is the simplest solution I have founde for run and gun:

    2ti, nikon manual primes, lcdvf and the gears from my D|Focus. Using this setup you get three points of contact in an extremely compact format that provides great stability (mind you not great for walking, etc...). The most recent thing I've shot with this is:

    Being on tour with a band requires a lot of portability, and though I love my express35 shoulder mount, I leave it at home for more rehearsed/film style shooting. The above setup is my preferred solution.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Ang Dang - The build isn't finished yet. He's still working on the shoulder brace part. At that point the rig won't be floating.

  6. Anh Dang

    i think this design totally defeats the purpose of using a FF. The only thing that the camera sits on is that two handle rig, which shakes like hell when he twists the grip.

  7. dude if you mount the cam on a manfrotto 357 QR you wont need the metal pc to hold the wire .all you would have to do is screw the camera at the at the end of the mount and slide the qr plate back until the focus wheel aligns with the handle bars . once you have done that you will be able to cut´╗┐ down the wire making it stronger/stiffer .good luck im making on right now thanks´╗┐ for the idea.

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