Low Profile Quick Release Adapter

Someone asked about a quick release adapter that would work best moving from a Flycam Nano over to some other different rigs. If you're not using a Fluid head like the Manfrotto 701HDV, then there's no reason you need to stick with the Manfrotto Compatible QR Adapter. The best low profile quick release adapter would be the Manfrotto 394. This low profile wide plate is a perfect fit for DSLR's and also doesn't use the twisty little side knobs which makes it perfect for mounting on wide flat surfaces like non Manfrotto Fluid heads, Steadicams, Glidecams, Camera Cranes / Jibs, Sliders, DSLR Cages, and Shoulder Mounts. Yeah sometimes those little twisty knobs off to the side are annoying..

Manfrotto 394
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13 thoughts on “Low Profile Quick Release Adapter

  1. Franklin

    Is this plate compatible with most manfrotto tripods?

    i will be using it with a 190XB and 488RC2

  2. Todd

    I've got this attached to my redrock/jag35 rig. Quick, secure, and best of all, conforms to contour if camera. You can pop the camera off your rig and not notice that the qr plate is there (try that with standard manfroto qr).

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Pascal - There's a latch to keep it in place. The Latch cannot be just pulled out without pressing a button first. You have to press the button inwards while pulling the latch simultaneously. It's very easy, but hard to accidentally do.

  4. Pascal

    Thanks for the Tip Em. Currently I work with the Manfrotto 577 but they are too big in most cases and the form is more suitable for video cameras then DSLRs.
    Does the 394 has some kind of security when releasing the plate so that the cam doesn't fall of the plate when releasing?

  5. James

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago. It's my first QR plate and I have to say, I'm really happy with it. Very easy to use and very quick, compared to my tripod's plate.

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