3pc Lighting Kit with Softboxes – Back In

Cheap 3pc Lighting Kit on set with Linda Le

These kits can be found in a bunch of different places, but the ones that come with the soft boxes and carrying case disappeared pretty quickly. They're finally back online and available on both eBay or Amazon. If you're not too familiar with these kits, these are Halogen 800w bulbs each with an inline dimmer to control light output. This 3pc continuous lighting kit comes with three stands, two softboxes, and one set of barndoors and a carrying case. You can catch an old article about these lights and a few samples here: http://cheesycam.com/cheap-3pc-lighting-kit-photography-samples/

find-price-button 3pc 2400w Dimmable Video Lighting Kit Softboxes

find-price-button 2400 watt 3 lights Continuous Video Light Kit

Kit + Green Screen
find-price-button 2400w Green Screen 10 x 12 ft Lighting Kit

23 thoughts on “3pc Lighting Kit with Softboxes – Back In

  1. James

    Where can i get just the softboxes for the readheads at a cheap price? and also ebay's bulbs are any good? or how do i look for them?


  2. Jørgen

    Im from the Odense, Denmark (quite a long way from you anyways) But yeah sure! If we can find a good students price that would be great! I was thinking about getting two of them? It would be my first softboxes (ever). 🙂

    Feel free to contact me on my email, and thanks for a great site!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jørgen - What city are you from? I have several sets of these things and don't use all the softboxes. Maybe we can work something out.

  4. Jonathan

    I see a lot of people have tried different replacement bulbs in these lights but no definite answer on what is ideal. Can anyone chime in with which replacement bulbs they are using? A link would be extra helpful.


  5. @Emm

    Mine is definitely a different set. There's a lot of sellers on ebay with these, I guess there's some quality variation from them as well. I would have bought mine through your link, but that seller (ephoto I believe) didn't have any at the time I was looking to buy.

    Oh well, I've got a few days to get these bad boys up and working properly. The good news is my first knockoff Arri 650 came and this thing kicks ass!


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Steve - Thanks for the information. I'm wondering if your set is different than mines. The one in the video links to the same stuff I have (pretty sure). I have 6 of them total, and although I've burned through a few bulbs, I haven't had any issues. My set is grounded, wiring seems to be beefy enough, and I received mine back in August of last year httpss://cheesycam.com/new-800w-barndoor-softboxes-3pcs-lighting/

  7. @Emm

    "Even this guy was using it. httpss://cheesycam.com/good-stuff-low-budget/"

    If you look closely at that video, Tom Antos was using the original Ianaro Red Heads. Those lights are now almost impossible to find in the US, but happen to be very popular in Canada and Europe.

    The ones coming out of China nowadays are basically copies of that design, the major difference being that the casings are metal as opposed to plastic like the Ianaros.

    I've noticed a number of problems with the lights since I got them. Mine (from a different seller) shipped with 800w 240v bulbs, as I talked about above. I believe the closest lamp that will properly fit these fixtures is a 650w 78mm Halogen. You could put a 1000w 78mm J-Type bulb as well, but I think it might be overkill on the power.

    My recommendation if you buy one of these lights, is to rewire them with a heavy gauge cable. They draw alot of power, and you don't want your cable melting on a shoot. I'd also recommend grounding them to the fixture if yours aren't already grounded. If you have a short and that lamp goes live, it's an all metal case. Anyone on your set touches the light or the metal stand it's on, and you'll have alot bigger problems than the light not working.

    My overall opinion of these lamps is that they're pretty sturdy, and could become a set of workhorses in a kit. But you need to know how to take care of them, and modify them to get the most out of them.


  8. Ok, the first set of replacement bulbs I ordered (1000w 120v) didn't fit the fixtures. They were almost 4 inches, mine take around a 3 inch size (78mm to be exact.)

    The closest I can find is a 650w 80mm bulb, which I hait. ve on order. I'm going to give it a shot when I get it. Once I get these things up and running, I'm going to do a video review on them, and explain how to rewire them.

    I think these lights can be a nice addition to a kit, but certainly wouldn't be the only thing I'm using.

  9. I bought these and they're are huge pieces of shyte!!!

    I had to grind down the ceramic ends on the bulbs to make them properly fit the connections.

    We had replacement bulbs shipped to us, and they burned out pretty quickly.

    Luckily nothing has set fire yet, but the dimmer controls get so hot you can barely touch them. The dimmer controls are apart of the power cord and not on the light itself.

    Save your money and get something a little better made. You'll end up having to buy new lights very shortly after buy these anyway.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - Yeah i've seen some comments as well. I have six of them here in use. I burned through about 3 bulbs so far, but it's been a while. Even this guy was using it. httpss://cheesycam.com/good-stuff-low-budget/

  11. Jason

    I've actually been eying these myself. I'm sure they've worked great for you Em..I just keep seeing so many bad reviews and experiences in the comments on Amazon/Ebay etc...Im afraid to purchase.

  12. Greg

    Be careful when buying these lights. I bought and used these for a shoot. All three caught fire and the ceramic crumbled in the housing after the first day. They are very cheaply made. Some people have had luck with them but most people in the forums have had the same issue.
    The LEDs are much better but more expensive. Before the shoot fiasco I did take them to a lighting store and had them replace the chinese power cables with american and put the corret voltage bulbs in. Perhaps 650 watt at 120 volts is too much for these and a 650 would work better.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - The link I use is from US sellers which the bulbs 'will' work. As stated in my first sentence you can get these lights elsewhere, but this seller has the softboxes. CFL is a nice option too, but i've never tried them. I'll hve to look into those.

  14. When I click on the first link (which sent me to eBay), I see two very different options...

    1) Immitation Laniro Red Heads
    2) A CFL 5-light assembly

    Both include softboxes, but only the CFL option offers the overhead/boom pole, right?

    All the comments I'm seeing on other sites reference the fact that with option #1, you should basically expect your lights to arrive with halogen bulbs that do not work, so factor that cost in (or at least the cost to replace them in relatively short order). As for option #2, I definitely would like to see some sample work with this before giving it any serious consideration. Of course, it's much easier to replace CFL bulbs than the fake Red Head's halogen bulb. Anyone have thoughts on either (or both)?

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - The links I have are from US sellers, and should be the 120. You should contact the seller and ask them about bulb replacements.

  16. Emm,

    I just bought a set of these knockoff redheads last week, and I'm having trouble finding the right bulb for them. Mine shipped with a 240v 78mm halogen lamp, but since I'm in America I need the 120v version.

    Do your lights take the same size? If so where do you get your bulbs?



  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - LEDs generate no heat and can be used just about anywhere. One problem is that they are very directional and don't always put out as much light output. High wattage lights generate heat (not fun for small rooms or close to subjects) and draw lots of power. You can easily blow fuses in some homes or locations. Then again the Halogen lights are higher output with broader diffusion, and are dirt cheap. You'll be hard pressed to find the best light kit to solve all problems, but you should think about where you need lighting the most and what type of shoots you do.

  18. Josh

    Hey Emm,

    Can I ask which set of lights you prefer? LED panels or these? I am looking to invest in some good lights, and LED seem like the way to go for up keep cost (no bulbs) and lack of heat they give off.


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