Canon 60D Has Arrived


My Canon 60D has finally arrived. Well let me prepare you now that there will be lots of Canon 60D talk on this blog for the next week. The Canon 5DM2 is just way too different, and Canon has designed this 60D to sit right in the middle of the T2i and 7D. So i'm going to do what I can to show the differences between those two cameras. Everyone has been talking about the disappointment in the specs of the Canon 60D and video quality shouldn't be anything mind blowing. The thing that will change buying decisions from a T2i would be the additional features, controls, and the build of the camera. Somehow i'm still more excited about getting a hold of the awesome zoom power of the Canon SX30 IS which is not yet available. Or even testing out the new G12. I'll be upgrading myCanon SX210 IS point and shoot, so that may be up for sale soon enough.

14 thoughts on “Canon 60D Has Arrived

  1. Hi Emm!

    I am thinking about downgrading from 7D to 60D and use the extra money to buy the steadicam and LED lights.

    The only thing that worries me is the build quality and weather-proof-ness of 60D particularly with the articulating LCD screen, could you please include them in your review as well?



  2. getem

    For users who are thinking about selling their t2i, remember first to invest in lenses, lights and other gear. Camera bodies come and go but your other equipment can last a very long time.

    I was about to sell my t2i and buy a Canon 60d, but for now my t2i is perfect and I used the extra $400 I had to buy a hard drive, led light and a nice vintage russian lens which IMO was better than just buying the 60d.


  3. Emm

    Post author

    That's the first non Canon camera i'm pretty interested in. I'm really on the fence with that too.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    The video quality isn't mind blowing, but the articulating LCD was already worth the upgrade from a T2i if you use a steadicam. There's more reasons why I should upgrade from a T2i, but is it worth it for everyone else? Guess we'll just have to wait for my review.

  5. Devon B

    "Everyone has been talking about the disappointment in the specs of the Canon 60D and video quality shouldn’t be anything mind blowing."

    Then why did you even buy the camera?

  6. Joshua

    My 60D just shipped! should have it Friday and I have someone coming by to look at my t2i after work. I love new toys!

  7. once my d7000 gets here, lets talk and compare features & video samples because even though i've already preordered the d7000 from amazon, i'm still debating weather or not to get a 60d for better video.

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