Canon 60D with Letus Hawk VF


Just opened the box and the thing feels beefy. Yeah it doesn't at all feel like a Rebel series camera. It's got a bit of weight and sturdiness to the whole camera body. Sure that's no reason to upgrade from a T2i, but the new features of the 60D should definitely be taken into consideration if you're a first time DSLR buyer. I'll have more on that soon, but the first thing I did was test the Letus Hawk VF. This is probably the first photo on the internet of the Canon 60D with a Letus Hawk VF mounted. I bet you're wondering why I would pin down the articulating LCD. The LCD is nice, but it is still difficult to get focus on an F/1.2 lens without a magnification loupe. It's also handy for those super bright days when you want to review your image. These days you just can't live without a loupe.

Traditional LCD view finder mounting with sticky metal frames would work such as the LCDVF on the Canon 60D, but you'll lose the functionality of flipping the LCD around for protection. The Letus Hawk VF now comes with a quick release adapter so this type of mount should work fine for the Canon 60D as an LCD View Finder. Fast on for focus and fast off to take advantage of the rotating LCD. Check out the way the Letus Hawk VF mounts to get a better idea of why this would work as a great loupe on the Canon 60D.

Canon 60D reivew To be continued...

16 thoughts on “Canon 60D with Letus Hawk VF

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    Sure i'll have that soon, but yes you can manually set Kelvin. And setting any kind of white balance on this thing is waaaaaayyyyyy easier than a T2i.

  3. Trevor

    in your review, would you mind doing a size comparison between the 60D, T2i, 7D, and 5D?

    I just want to know how it compares it terms of build quality and weight.

    also, can you manually set your WB with the kelvin degrees like on the 7D and 5D?

    just some suggestions to throw in there.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    During playback the cameras can output in 1080, but not during record mode. Not even the 7D. It will drop down to SD.

  5. Kelly

    Congrats Emm on the 60D!! Still debating on purchasing this, or a 7D along with my 550d for a backup cam for wedding events. I couldn't see any real reason why you wouldn't want to put the 3:2 LCDVF mount to this screen. It would fit perfectly wouldn't it? Do most people plan on reversing the screen for protection during storage or something?

  6. Hi Emm,

    That's a great looking 60D right there. Just would like to know where did you buy yours? Hope you don't mind.Thanks a bunch. By the way, I'm a filipino too from the east coast who likes to DIY stuff. Thanks again.

  7. steve

    Pretty sweet looking setup with the VF! What lens is that ? I'm considering the letus talon k3. Throw on some handles and a shoulder pad and you've got a nice little rig there.

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