ATR3350 on Zoom H1 – Yongnuo RF-602 Flash Triggers


Yet another video where I try to cram as much gear tests into one quick take. Here i'm using the Zoom H1 recorder with Audio-Technica ATR3350 powered Lav mic talking about the Yongnuo RF-602 Flash Triggers. Hey, I might as well get it out of the way since I haven't said much about them after I received the Yongnuo's a few weeks ago.

The ATR3350 lav mic from Audio-Technica does perform very well for something that's only $20 dollars shipped. The Zoom H1 no doubt is an excellent audio recorder that can be thrown into a pocket and carried around by the speaker. The Zoom H1 levels were set to 60, which may not be the most optimal setting, but hopefully gives you an idea of it working in combination with the ATR3350 Lav. The Audio Technica Lav mic records in Mono, but if you're already a Rode Videomic user, that's nothing new. I duplicated the audio channels to both left and right, but as you can tell, it sounds very flat and quite differently than recording in real stereo like the X/Y mic config of the Zoom H1.

I wasn't too happy with the straight drop of mono audio in this video. There's no ambient sound, and almost sounds like a voice over. Well, that also means the LAV was working well by focusing on the speaker. I possibly could have done this video better with a shotgun microphone alone, but if we were in a very noisy environment where you need to be discreet like a wedding, the LAV mic may work best. It's possible to mix the audio from the Camera along with the LAV mic audio, but the IS motor on my 24-105mm lens comes in like a loud grinding noise. I probably should have used a shotgun microphone as a second microphone + Zoom H1 w/ ATR3350 Lav mic and mixed it all together to make things sound more natural.

Sorry guys, that was a real quick rough test before I had to head out to (currently in) Maui, Hawaii. I'm out here on vacation, but also to test some other gear where the scenery is much nicer.

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YongNuo Combo Wireless Remote Shutter + Wireless Flash Trigger

13 thoughts on “ATR3350 on Zoom H1 – Yongnuo RF-602 Flash Triggers

  1. Waldo

    I'm also looking for a cheap audio-set, bought the 3350 and was looking to buy the H1, but anyone knows wether the problems of the people above me ( michael and kyle) have been solved or this is a common problem?

  2. Kyle

    I bought the 3350 from B&H. But the output is ridiculously low. This is not a problem from the battery, and yes it is on. Tried through Alesis Mixer, M-audio gear, and ML t2i. Very disappointing.

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  4. Michael

    I had the battery that came with it installed and lav was switched on and was running 48/24 for my bitrate. Not sure why it's so low and the quality sounds nothing like yours or Cody's tests with it unfortunately 🙁

  5. Emm

    Post author

    It's powered. Was the battery in and was it turned on? Also check the zoom nitrate and switch settings.

  6. Michael

    Tested out the ATR 3350 lav mic today with the Zoom H1 and it is so low I have to turn it to like 90 to get much sound at all and it's hissy sounding in the back. The standard Zoom picks up better than the lav. Anyone else have this issue with these?

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  10. Emm-

    Just received my Zoom H1 and AT lav. Great setup! One question I can't find the answer to is can you set the Zoom H1 to record mono WAV so that when you lay it down on your editing track it will be heard in both channels or so you have to run a filter through it/convert it? I saw that when I plugged in the mic it only goes to the left channel (understandable), but wished it could go to both for easier track laydown.

  11. Al

    I second @vonner's comment. Although Kalani did mention he's getting an H1 this week to start fitting.

    My question: while using the lav, does the H1 also record from it's two mics? H1+lav mic simultaneous recording?

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