DIY DSLR Rig with ThorLabs RA90


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Thanks for Mako for sending in images of his DSLR rig using Thorlabs RA90 - 90 degree clamps with locks. These $10 dollar ninety-degree clamps are a great way to start building your different rigs or support structures, but if you take a peek around ThorLabs 'post accessories' you might get some other cool ideas. The accessories they sell work to attach 1/2" rods, and also sell a swiveling clamp that can lock in different positions. Some very cool stuff over at the website. I personally may not have ideas for a DSLR shoulder mount with these RA90 clamps, but four clamps and some 1/2" lightweight pipes at Home Depot would make for a very simple DSLR cage. Since 1/2" rods are the standard for Bike Handlebar grips, it sounds like an easy build with some really cool professional results. Something I just might look into. Here's the link to get you started in Thorlabs products:

Above: Thorlabs RA90 1/2" post clamp

[Thanks Mako]

4 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Rig with ThorLabs RA90

  1. Vu Le

    these parts are ROHS exempt - they contain a small amount of lead in the alloy. Just food for thought.


    Hey Emm,

    Actually, the standard size for handle bar grips for BMX style grips(which is what you want) is 7/8" inches.

    Chris -

  3. DeathFromAbove

    Have you ordered a catalog from Thor?

    Holy God, it's ridiculous. 1508 pages and weighing in at over 10 lbs.

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