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Under $40 dollar Shotgun Microphone EG1

Just by using a microphone away from the camera and closer to your subject things generally will sound much better. In that case almost any microphone should suffice to getting decent audio. The most popular microphones used by DSLR shooters are the Rode VideoMic and the Senheisser MKE-400.

The Senheisser MKE-400, priced at $199, is said to have slightly less audio quality than the Rode VideoMic, but is favored for it's tiny tiny compact size (unlike the Rode). If you're taking size into consideration, I've had my eye on this particular shotgun microphone from China that runs less than $40 dollars. It can go by the name EG1 or EC-330 and I've been waiting for someone to throw up some type of review or audio test to see if it's even worth the penny. After posting the article on the larger $35 dollar China Shotgun Microphone, one comment comes in reminding me about it. Yup, still not much information out there, but it does look like a good alternative if you want the compact size of the MKE-400, without having to spend the $199. Here's the link to find the cheap eBay EG1 shotgun microphone, so if anybody has any more information, please drop a line. If lack of information drags on further, I may have to purchase one to kill the curiousness.


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  1. I tested the Shotgun Microphone EG1, or rather the SG108, but it looks exactly the same. I was using the magiclatern firmware on my 550D. Unfortunately, the hum and "muffle" sound is still there, even with AGC turned off.

    Wish i could tell better, but the RODE Mic ( which i have now) is magnitudes better than the SG108. Even better with the AGC off.

  2. Picked up one of these a while ago. I hated it with the AGC from the 7d and 550d. Just recently installed magic lantern and did some tests with it. For those who hated the sound if this mic, I can assure you, it was ALL because of the AGC hissing. I'll try to upload my test footage soon.

  3. Alex

    Hey, I'm kind of considering buying this mic. The only thing I'm worried about is the hiss from the AGC... Will that be too much of a problem? I have a canon hf200 and the audio isn't terrible but could be better. Will the audio be unusable without a preamp?

  4. James DeRuvo

    I just got one of those cheap shotgun mics off of eBay. Just did a test off the Canon 7D. Doesn't sound too bad.

  5. Jeroen

    Has arrived (9days to europe - belgium)
    Quite fast

    Tested it in a few situations but i'm not 100% satisfied. Maybe because i'm a producer and i'm used to noise reduction / gates and condenser mics.

    All I wanna say is, it's a bargain, and you will not get the same quality like a Rode mic. But for what i'm gonna use it (party-movies) it's just fine!

    Build quality is nice => sturdy enough!
    Only one small battery that should last long enough for a lot of cam-shooting.
    It's ultra portable (not too large) and has a nice bag to carry it safely in my other bag 😛

    It's an OK-product but I just don't want to overrate your expectations!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    I think the Rode sounds great, and yes the shockmount isn't for running around. You need something to adjust the levels to make any mic sound good. Any microphone directly into the DSLR camera can't be adjusted unless you're using 5DM2 with new firmware.

  7. Yes, I have a Zoom H4n also, which I use for shots where audio quality is critical. But I want something that picks up run and gun type of sound better than the internal camera mic, which right now is a better option than the Rode Videomic.

    This is why I ask, I wouldn't think this microphone would get such good reviews if it is supposed to be this bad 🙂


  8. This is interesting, I'm having so much trouble getting decent audio input for my 7D I'm getting really desperate. This might be a bit OT but I thought I try throwing my thoughts and questions to the large knowledge of your site and its readers to see what happens.

    I have used the Rode VideoMic for a couple of weeks, and I'm totally displeased. It rarely outputs usable audio, always noisy distorted sound when connected straight to the 7D mic input.

    It gets a little better when I put the BeachTek mixer in between, but still very low and often very distorted or just plain noise.

    Have you experienced this? Is this the way it goes because it's a camera mounted mic?

    Plus, my recommendation is to get anything but the Rode VideoMic because of it's useless antishock system made of silicone rings which break all the time.

    Maybe I should buy this one... Sorry for posting so long here. I hope I can help someone, and that someone can help me 🙂

  9. Gerald

    I JUST saw this on Ebay this past weekend but was hoping to find reviews. There's a couple of US sellers in addition to the Hong Kong ones. I hope you can grab one of these and review. Thanks!

  10. hey, i'm happy that you've enjoyed my post. I'w wondering if i will buy this mic.
    If so, i'd probably make a review.I would do my best to do it in a good english

    best regards from france

  11. Levi VanderKwaak

    Just posted my order. I live in canada so it might take a while longer to ship. But as soon as it comes in i will post a review

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