FlyCam Nano – Excellent Demo Video

Flycam Nano test run from kaydawgy on Vimeo.

There's quite a few things I find that can be useful with the DSLR community, but haven't had the chance to test it out myself. Vimeo member kayDawgy checked out the FlyCam Nano stabilizer article I posted and decided to test it out. The design looks pretty familiar copying the Glidecam setup, and with the right experience looks like it can pull off some really nice stabilizer footage. Unfortunately, there was little information and even less 'good' video samples of the unit's ability. I think things worked out quite well, and personally this is the best video so far done with the Flycam Nano. It might not be perfect, but from my own experience, it's quite difficult to shoot with a stabilizer chasing a running subject around 2-3 ft. tall. LOL

From the tags of the video, looks like kaydawgy used a Canon 550D / T2i and Tokina 11-16mm lens, which is a killer combination on any stabilizer. I especially love how wide this lens is on the Canon 550D / T2i without having much barrel distortion around the edges. Sometimes that barrel distortion is not so flattering with people. If you have any further questions, you may want to give kaydawgy a comment at the video link here.

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find-price-button Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8 ATX 116 Lens for Canon EOS AF Digital - Tokina ATX116PRODXC

22 thoughts on “FlyCam Nano – Excellent Demo Video

  1. I did order the FlyCam Nano.. but i saw after that it has this 700 grams limits.. and i have several items to put one..
    like ZOOM H1, maybe IndiSystems follow-focus, and what about a led and monitor?
    wow.. i think i shit in my bed here.. or.. is it possible to make it? Will be like 2-2.5kg?
    Am i f... now??or can the "arm" under the stabilizer be made longer.., ad another 20-30cm.. or do i screw the Nano then.
    And can this be put on a steadicam arm and vest?
    Maybe all this question are stupid.. well.. so what?
    I love making DIY equipment.. and had hoped to use it on a steadicam and vest i make..? Is it possible to do?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - Thanks for reading. Yes Filipino, but born in San Francisco and can't speak a word...

  3. OK tnx for the info Emm, ill order it now. i just forgot to ask if youre a Filipino, im just curious becoz of your feature.
    BTW nice site & work you have there, it really helps a lot of small photographers like me....good job sir!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - Never used anything but the Flycam. I think the Flycam will have more range of motion because of the Gimbal design.

  5. Hi, its my first time to buy or use a camera stabilizer like flycam nano and plan to use it in my Nikon D7000 do you think it will work fine with it?
    and which do you think is better, the U-FLYCAM or FLYCAM NANO?

  6. Jeremy

    hi there! it says that it can only support up to 700grams in combination of canon 60d + tamron 17-50 lens is at 1.1 kgs.. so i can't get this. 🙁 has anyone tried using this with a similar weight as my set up?

    merlin, glidecam are way to expensive for me..any suggestions?

    im also checking on Stead-DSLR, and the new hague DSLR motion-cam stabilizer. any input and suggestion is appreciated.


  7. Emm

    Post author

    The Flycam should have more range than the JR. The Steadicams are best used flying level with no tilting.

  8. Is the Flycam Nano better, easier to handle than the good old Steadicam JR you also had tested in the past?

    In combo with a 550D + 18-135mm lens.


  9. inazio

    Hi, got the flycam nano, and this thing is impossible to balance!!!! Gets moving right left-front-back.... And it doesnt even have a manual w it!!! 🙁
    Any suggestions?
    I have the 550D and a tamron 17-50 lens
    Thanks a lot!

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  12. Nautrup

    I have a 550d and could use a stabilizer, but would like a easy setup where I "fast" can unmount the camera from the stabilizer, to take some pictures too.

    @Kelly - What stabilizer would you recommend and what bogen quick release plate are you using? Maybe i will get a Mic for the 550d too, but then the setup is to heavy for the Nano - right?

  13. Duff, i find that the Nano suits my needs perfectly. Its small enough for travel, yet still includes strong build quality. My 550d with tokina lens and bogen quick release plate is probably the heaviest that this stabilizer can handle. I do find that the handle is a big shorter than i want, so im in the middle of modifying it by replacing it with my own.

  14. Duff

    Which would you suggest is more suitable and easier to use for a t2i- the flycam nano, or indiehardware stabilizer?

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