Flycam Nano Video Shows Up

I've done a few videos about different DSLR stabilizers, and have been trying to get a hold of one these Flycam Nanos to do a review. At least there is this video (above) that shows some basic sample footage. So far of my favorite stabilizers for small cameras would have to be the Glidecam HD1000 shown in this article here. I don't know anyone who has one of these Flycam Nanos, and i'm not in a position right now to make a purchase just for a review.

It does look similar to a Glidecam Pro model (stabilizer without micro adjustment knobs), uses the same Gimbal balance setup and similar Fender washer weights like the Glidecam Pro. This little guy though runs about half the price of a Glidecam HD1000 and I expect should fly a T2i very easily. In any case, this is the only video I can find of anyone using this tiny stabilizer. Hopefully i'll get a hold of one for an official review soon. You can find the Flycam Nano stabilizers online here.

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The Flycam Nano

9 thoughts on “Flycam Nano Video Shows Up

  1. inazio

    Hi, got the flycam nano, and this thing is impossible to balance!!!! Gets moving right left-front-back.... And it doesnt even have a manual w it!!! 🙁
    Any suggestions?
    I have the 550D and a tamron 17-50 lens
    Thanks a lot!

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  3. Got time to play around with mine. For the money, you cant beat it!! It cant hold really heavy cams, but for dslr work, it fine. I have my canon 550d with a tokina 11-16mm on a bogen quick release plate at the nano is able to hold up pretty well. Setting up and balancing it did take about an hour of trial-and-error but in the end, it was worth it. Will post a review and sample clips soon. Thanx Emm

  4. Fabdex

    Second video is just as bad as the first one: the thing wobbles like crazy. Based on these examples, I'd skip it.

  5. Yeah, seems to float a little forward and backward, maybe balance and operation? Hope to get the word from Emm how this compares to the Glidecam.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    I'm thinking this guy may not be super experienced in balancing a rig. I personally think it could be better, just gotta get a hold of one to test.

  7. Fabdex

    Well, it seems like that flycam is either not very well adjusted or very crappy: the horizon is never stable. It looks like it's on water. I'd give it a pass.

    FAIL !

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