Express35 Gear Review by Josef + Special Deal

I showed off the limited edition $99 Dollar shoulder shooter before, but I think this may be the first official review regarding the larger shoulder support rig. Great job Josef! These aren't designed to be Steadicams as a walking running type rig, but Josef seems to have that movement down and it looks very stable. Not to mention that black on black.....on black looks damn good for a rig setup.

The price beats out those 'once popular' Korean rigs and Hong Kong rigs too. Express35 possibly has the cheapest available rigs and accessories in the US, yet still designed with high quality materials. These types of rigs follow exact standards, so adding additional gear from MatteBoxes to Follow Focus systems should mount with ease from any manufacturer. This seems like the best starter rig for anyone looking into a shoulder mount stabilizer. After seeing this review, I knew it would spark some interest, so I Twittered to see if there's a special offer on the table for Cheesycam Readers. Here's the exclusive offer available now, but you gotta drop the blogname and thank Josef for hooking you all up.

Free accessory clamp (Mono Clamp) + Free Shipping in the USA exclusive Cheesycam deal with purchase of the shoulder rig.

There you have it, was already a deal before the deal. You might also want to Follow via Twitter too so you won't miss out on those short lived specials.

On another note, for a limited time Express35 just posted up the DSLR Shooter I reviewed a short time ago. The shooter gets an upgrade to Black on Black and there's only 6 available. It's not back down to $99 bucks, but the black coating should make up for that difference. Sorry the Free Shipping + Free Clamp doesn't apply to this shooter.You can find the new DSLR shooter here.


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