Cheap $35 China Shotgun Microphone

Thanks to Alex for sending this in. I'm sure we've all seen this cheap Shotgun microphone before, but there wasn't much information about it's performance. For around $35.00 dollars shipped, this video test shows that the HTDZ HT-81 Shotgun microphone is still better than using your onboard camera microphone. The microphone states it can also accept Phantom power. There seems to be some issues with a clicking noise during the setup with Phantom power, but no indication if it was 24v or 48v that was used. I'm guessing there should be more tests in this area, but on it's own 1.5v battery source, it performed well for a $35 dollar shotgun. Although it shows good quality sound, there's also no test of how tight the pattern is and what type of noise it can eliminate. It would be good to see this in use outdoors next to a busy highway or something. Here's the link to where you can grab the HTDZ HT-81 Shotgun Microphone for approx. $35 dollars shipped.

[update] There's some confusion going on with these Shotgun Microphones. After a bit of digging around, these Shotgun microphones can go under different names, but the listings show pretty much the exact same specificiations and images.You might find them being pushed as the professional 'HTDZ' series. There are two different lengths, one close to 15" and the other close to 11", but appears to have the same audio qualities. Perhaps the longer one has a longer pickup, not sure.

Here's the generic links to the 15" Shotgun Microphone Listings and 11" Shotgun Microphone Listings which appears to be the same as the HTDZ series being shown in the video above.

Above: 15" Shotgun Microphone click image to find

Above: 11" Shotgun Microphones click image to find

26 thoughts on “Cheap $35 China Shotgun Microphone

  1. garen

    There's apparently a new version now called HT-81a (notice the "a"), and it has different specs, apparently it's an improved version, but it costs twice (£50) as much as the original HT-81 (£25).
    Has anyone used this new HT-81a ? Any reviews? Any advices? Is it worth the extra cash?

  2. Alan

    Whats with the clicking sound which appears with external 48V phantom-power. I found several user comments with that problem.

  3. PM

    I suppose there is no version of a 'cheap shotgun mic' that comes with a battery level indicator is there? I guess the cheapest option with that in mind would be the rode videomic?

  4. Joey T.

    Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. I just received the one labeled as an HT-81, and man, it's seems like a vast improvement over the over the ATR-55 (which is more expensive, god knows why). The directionality is really quite good, and the signal to noise ratio is much better. Best of all, it sounds great with dialogue! Very natural, very smooth, and thankfully low noise! I'm am ecstatic about this mic--Only $37!

  5. Joey T.

    Just ordered two of these; One labeled as a HT-81, and the other one just a generic that looked identical. I'll report back here and elsewhere a bit later...(yes I know how old this post is)

  6. terry

    Hey Emm! I bought this microphone a while ago. It works pretty well. I went to Radio Shack and got the mono to stereo adapter, then I got the 3.5 to 1/4 step down and I get stereo sound and no ACG hiss. Not bad at all for $25 dollars! I have it mounted on my DIY Cheesycam fig rig.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Is it connected directly to a DSLR? DSLR's will have AGC 'automatic gain control' that causes the noise. Unless you have a 5D Mark II + new firmware, which is why we use portable audio recorders.

  8. Hi,

    I just received my HT-81 mic today but I cant seem to record anything because there is the hissing sound. Can anyone help me with that? Any idea if its the battery problem and what type of battery should I even be using?

  9. Vítor

    In theory, yes ...

    The microphone comes with a cable with XLR female connector and a mini jack, that you connect to your computer and record it with a software...

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  11. Hi,

    Does anayone have tried the EC-330 Professional DV Stereo microphone sold by the same reseller.

    it looks like a good alternative to the famous rode videomic


  12. Vitor

    I bought this microphone in 2008 (or 2007... I don't remember) to use in my old Canon HG20 and works great...

    Now in the 7D, it's better than the microphone of the 7D...

  13. Emm

    Post author

    It may be best used on a boom pole off camera. For on camera, the Sennheiser MKE-400 or Rode VideoMic would work great.

  14. Alex

    Nice, thats what I call quick response! 😀
    Check your mail again, I got another tip for you 😉

    - Alex

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