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Jordan received a replacement Varavon slider and it shows off a few added changes. First, the legs now have it's own dedicated bag instead of being thrown in with the entire slider. That's one thing I mentioned when I first received mine. If they all sit in the same bag together you could easily have parts getting scratched up. Nice to see a new bag.


Another addition is an added mounting plate under the slider. For those who have the original version, the carrier brake can sometimes get caught up in the middle mounting hole if it wasn't raised completely. They have solved this issue by relocating the mounting threads to a mounting plate rather than on the track itself. [Thanks Jordan].

My first product overview video can be seen here:
Samples from this slider can be seen here:

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15 thoughts on “Varavon Slidecam Slider Updates

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @ExpSlider - You are speaking about this one small slider which is more for portable cameras. Varavon also makes very very large sliders that are easily suitable for a 70-200 lens.

  2. ExpSlider

    Varavon slider is really not an ideal slider afterall.

    My truthful feedback about it.

    - Upon sliding, you will hear an unwanted sound produce by the slider itself.
    - Will get rust easily if you don't oil it regularly.
    - The slider unable to support heavy lens like 70-200. It will be jerky or even spoil the slider.

    If your not particular about all the stuff I stated above. Then this might be the ideal slider.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @chrsanch - The slidecam lite is not the same as a K3 regarding size. Either go for the larger Varavon Slidecam S or the Konova K3. The other numbers are based on the length. I personally only use sliders shorter than 3 feet.

  4. chrsanch

    I'm thinking of getting my first slider for my t3i with sigma 18-55 2.8. Which one would you recommend?
    1. varavon slidercam lite 600? -$242.20
    2. varavon slidercam lite 800? - $281.26
    3. KONOVA Slider K3 B2-60? - $329.10
    4. KONOVA Slider K3 B2-80? - $348

  5. chrsanch

    Hi Emm,
    Which one is better to support t3i? varavon slidecam lie 60 or the konova k3 60? thanks

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Bill - Yeah this slider is great for backpacking. If you want to work with portable tripods, you might want to bring two lightweights with ball heads. This way you can get various positions. It's only 24" long so it should give you a good amount of fairly stable sliding. I wouldn't expect this to be the only slider you'll have, but it's the right tool for the job if you want to travel light.

  7. Bill

    emm, I will be backpacking in the alps soon, and I think this slider might be light and small enough to take. I have a 60D. My question is, what would be the best lightweight set-up for slider, sticks, and head for backpacking?

    I do have a Velbon ph368 head in the closet, and a Slik Sprint Pro II tripod. I saw Olivia's demo on this slider and it looked like she had a real light tripod and the small Fancier 6664H head, but with the NEX 7. Of course, maybe I should just get a NEX! Thanks...Bill

  8. @defiant

    dang, bought it to early. snaging on the tripod hole is one of my only complaints it would be nice to use the brake as a friction drag. I'm going to have to try and retro/mod it like Tony. I'll try and use a fiber washer in between the brake and base.

  9. J Toha

    @Tony - cant agree more with that one. They mentioned it's a promotional price for the introduction of this slider, so us early purchasers are concerned they're gonna go up to $300 or so after this period ends. Usually happened to a lot of products that Emm mentioned here *chuckle*.

    @Jordan M - thanks for the clarification. It's a pity though, but we have to work around the mounting plate issue somehow.

  10. Tony

    Well isn't that nice...I guess thats the con of being early purchasers. The bag for the legs isn't a real big deal but the mounting plate is...and one I have had to deal with...I just used a flat washer between the slider and tripod. They only bump price $3 all I see.

  11. @J toha. I think it's just an improvement for future purchasers.. I think they bumped their prices up a bit, however.

    Mine was broken, which is why they were willing to give me a replacement.. just happened to have some cool additions!

  12. Hieu

    I have the slidecam (long version) for a about two weeks, wished they would have told me about the upgrade before I bought it. I would not recommend this unit at all, the mounting plate is just wobbly tipping side to side when you slide it, you will have to press hard on it to one side to prevent the wobbly but doing some will get you some grinding noise, not good for videos. Second, I bought the Varavon fluid head with this unit since I figured they had the Varavon head in the slidecam pictures, worst head I ever used. I have a davidson tripod that I mount my Kessler crane to, its super solid but when I mount the quick release plate from my tripod to the Slidecam, neither size screws will hold the slidecam steady. I decided to use two other tripods with two different quick release plates, mounting the release plates to either holes underneath the slidecam, same problem, eventually, the screws will become loose from the quick release plate and slidcam and it will wobble. Wished I had gone with something better. The upside is that its small and convenient to carry around.

  13. J Toha

    So for those of us who bought the original, can we get replacements with this updated version? The new version eases out the issues you mentioned in your last post.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Brandon - This Slidecam is not the same type of slider as a K5. Varavon makes much larger sliders for heavy cameras. If you want to support a good amount of weight, go with the Konova K5 or larger sliders from Varavon.

  15. Brandon

    How would you compare this to the new version of the Konova K5 Slider I am bit torn between the two, I own a Canon 60D and at the bare minimum I will always have it on 15mm rails with the Trumst Follow Focus think this will be able to handle that with added extra possibly?

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