Solowheel Gyro Stabilized Self Balancing Wheel

Running around with a Steadicam is possible, but besides tiring out the operator, it's also hard to get rid of that stomping movement. Roller Blades are clever, but it's not something that will travel through grass or gravel. The more popular solution for fast movements with a Steadicam is the Segway (as seen above). A big issue with a Segway (besides cost) is being able to transport this to your location. It's not something you can just throw in the trunk of your car.

Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized - Solo Wheel

So for those who don't plan on spending serious cash on a Segway, check out the new Solo Wheel. It's a self balancing gyro stabilized electric unicycle-like transport that works much the same as a Segway except it's extremely portable.

It can climb fairly steep grades, hit speeds of 10mph, travel a distance of 15-20 miles, and weighs only about 26lbs. Seems very agile, and it would be very interesting to see some Steadicam footage from something like this, but comes in at an $1800 dollar price tag. You can find some additional information on the product page. (click here for Solo Wheel on eBay)

Solo Wheel Steadicam Segway Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized
find-price-button Solo Wheel Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized Wheel

Also available via Amazon ((click here)

15 thoughts on “Solowheel Gyro Stabilized Self Balancing Wheel

  1. MN

    Doesn't look like enough forgiveness on the Solo for balance. I'd wager operating a steadycam with the thing would probably be counterproductive.

    The PR video shows folks using it and suffering from some serious wobble as they hit minor bumps. Don't know though 'til ya try.

    I'd guess that you could pull off a few easy moves on an even surface, but the segway is a strong platform that's a good match for steadycam ops.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry also - A wheel chair is great for simple movements, but sometimes it's a dance between the operator and camera movement. When to turn, when to move back, when to slow and when to speed up. Finding something that a single operator can control as easily as his own feet is the trick. I think it the wheel chair wouldn't be as effective if the person pushing the wheel chair wasn't in sync with the operators desired movements.

  3. Jerry also

    Why would this be more useful -- more stable, more maneuverable, as safe, as transportable, or even faster -- than a collapsible wheelchair? But a box on the seat and sit way up high. You can often get inflatable tires. Price for a used one -- considering the resourcefulness of this crowd, probably about $0. Would getting somebody to push it be that much of a problem?

  4. Interesting enough but still costly! Are you getting one for steadycamming Emm?

    Offtopic: I posted a video comparing the speed of the Konova 'slow' motor slider kit against a 60-rpm motor I rigged to replace it. It's on Vimeo:

  5. Jerry also

    Anyone remember the YouTube video of a Canon wedding photographer who fell backwards into a baptismal fount with a ton of gear? The accidents waiting to happen on this contraption should put that one in the shade!

    Before the future arrives does anybody have a report on the Skyler Mini stabilizer?

  6. I'll wait for the hover-version, or at least until I can sell my unicycle. Interestingly, their website specs do not say how it is charged. I would presume an adapter or a wall-wart? Or can you just bring a short extension cord when you travel? None of the links for Local Retailers work from their site, just the eStore. Once the nostalgia wears off, will the price drop? Or will it climb? Check out the hands-free in Features & Advantages, you can read a newspaper while you ride this! Is texting and solo-wheeling illegal? In all seriousness, very exciting and makes you wonder what the next 10 years will bring...

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