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This looks like a fun project. David Sawyer has modified an electric trike to perform long tracking shots with a few DSLR or GoPro cameras hard mounted [Thanks David]. The agility of the electric three wheeler allows for some very tight maneuvering and interesting camera footage.

Here's a look at some images David has shared with his modified Three Wheel Electric Trike.

The Electric Trike David uses is of course a more expensive high end version with a front electric hub, but if you're looking for a cheaper Electric Trike Scooter solution about $350 bucks, there is a stand-up TRX electric scooter that should have no problems mounting a few small cameras to it. That's about the price of a Canon 50mm F/1.4 lens, check out the item below.

Electric Trike Video Track DollyElectric Trike
find-price-button TRX Electric Stand Up Trike Scooter - via eBay


Running around with a Steadicam is possible, but besides tiring out the operator, it's also hard to get rid of that stomping movement. Roller Blades are clever, but it's not something that will travel through grass or gravel. The more popular solution for fast movements with a Steadicam is the Segway (as seen above). A big issue with a Segway (besides cost) is being able to transport this to your location. It's not something you can just throw in the trunk of your car.

Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized - Solo Wheel

So for those who don't plan on spending serious cash on a Segway, check out the new Solo Wheel. It's a self balancing gyro stabilized electric unicycle-like transport that works much the same as a Segway except it's extremely portable.

It can climb fairly steep grades, hit speeds of 10mph, travel a distance of 15-20 miles, and weighs only about 26lbs. Seems very agile, and it would be very interesting to see some Steadicam footage from something like this, but comes in at an $1800 dollar price tag. You can find some additional information on the product page. (click here for Solo Wheel on eBay)

Solo Wheel Steadicam Segway Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized
find-price-button Solo Wheel Self Balancing Gryo Stabilized Wheel

Also available via Amazon ((click here)