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I shoot a lot with smaller cameras, and i've tried plenty of small camera sliders. The IGUS was the best thing working for me when I cut it down to about 24", but now it's all about Varavon's new Slidecam Lite. This thing is very light, but solid. I'm very pleased with the overall build and finish of the product. The only thing I wished they would have provided is a seperate pouch for the legs. Everything is placed inside the slider bag, but once you unpack the bubble wrap you'll be putting the legs in with the slider. I feel like the aluminum legs will be scuffing together. It would have been nice to see separate pouches for the legs like what Konova provides.

Adjust Varavon Slidecam Slider Friction Bearing
[Update] Here's a link to the Slidecam Lite manual on how to adjust Friction with the Bearings (click here).

I don't plan to use it for much more than my small vacations and casual travel plans, but it feels like it slide a normal sized DSLR with a wide lens pretty good. This thing is not too short, not too long, and easy to hang on my camera backpack. I'll have a video up soon where I show what's in the bag and have it next to the larger Konova K5 Slider for size reference. If you like shooting with smaller cameras, but still want all the creativeness a slider, this Varavon is definitely a must have in the gear bag and it only took a few days to get here.

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50 thoughts on “Varavon Slidecam Lite – Awesome

  1. D Ben

    Please review the JuicedLink DIY slider. I use their RA333 on my Canon 7D with excellent results (no dual sound hassle). I'm interested in a non-Cinevate-price-level slider, for use, if possible, for angled shots and (ideally) motorized work. My 7D is mounted on a Zacuto cage, which, with attachments, totals 14 lb. Thanks.

  2. Mike

    Got my Varavon Lite today. Solid piece of gear. Comes with a travel case too. Played around with a T4i, battery grip, and 10-24 Tamron and it moved effortlessly. I have it on a good quality ball head. Shipped from Korea in only 5 days. Very satisfied!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - It will still slide with a good amount of weight, but the video footage will not be as stable when using a smaller camera.

  4. Michael

    Would the Slidecam Lite work with a larger camera, say a Sony NX5U.
    As the weight limit seems to be 20 lbs. and the NX5U is only 5lbs.

    But the NX5U is a l larger camera than a DSLR.

    I am asking because I really like the small form factor and lightweight of the '24', which I could use on some remote shoots.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Wilson - For those prices, you'll still be looking at Konova or Varavon. If you get the larger duty ones, you should have no problem. I was just using the Slidecam S, and it's a very solid piece.

  6. Chris Wilson

    @Emm - No doubt, the Cinevate stuff looks great but is a bit out of my price range. I'm essentially looking to spend around £300 at a max ($500 - not sure on the current exchange rate) - Any more up your sleeve?

  7. Chris Wilson

    I'm not set on Varavon as a brand, I'm just looking for something high quality at a reasonable price. It needs to support 5D2/7D at the least, with the possibility of slightly heavier rigs. Any other suggestions other than the S?

  8. Chris Wilson

    Will the Lite easily support a 7D, or is it worth upgrading to the Slim do you think?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @chrsanch - The sliders are not to be compared. They are different models. Varavon has a Slidecam S which is a bit larger than the K3 if you want to make a decision. Both are excellent sliders.

  10. chrsanch

    Hi Emm, You mentioned in the review view small cameras, does this work good also in a canon t3i or should I get the konova k3 b2 60?

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  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Varavon makes excellent sliders too, but they make them in about 5 different sizes. Some for lightweight cameras, some for heavier cameras. Konova makes two different sizes, both can support a good amount of weight, but might be too much for very small cameras.

  13. Alex

    I'm a newbie. I've only heard aobut KONOVA product before. I thought KONOVA makes the best product. Does VARAVON make good product too? Looks like we have mixed review on VARAVON product here. I just want to have good quality product with better price.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - The Lite version might be too light. Look at the other Varavon products, or the Konova.

  15. Tony

    My got my slider today. Nice build quality and slides smooth. Haven't really put it to the test yet. The new manual update is a lot better. Now I know what the little black thing is for. lol Hopefully I wont have to adjust the tension.

  16. i've noticed that little "bump" occurs sometimes. but i only put a GH2 with quick release directly on it. waiting for a ball head to arrive to properly test it.

  17. Gustaf

    Just got my 24" version today. Super pleased with it... though I noticed when I mounted it on my tripod with the 3/8" thread, I noticed an increase in friction as the slider passes over the where the thread is... Very minor, but it does turn affect getting smooth shots over the length of the slider...anyone else have this happen?

  18. Tony

    @Terry - Thanks! Should arrive before my weekend event. Sorry can't help with your inquiry. Maybe direct to @Emm.

  19. Terry

    I just received mine today. (It took five days to arrive in Florida from Korea.) Just wondering how to adjust the friction.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Desmond - Even if they are the same length they are not the same in class. The Konova is still a heavier design. You would have to compare it to the Varavon ENG version. Not the slidecam lite.

  21. Desmond

    @Emm - how about the Konova 60cm slider? can it be compared directly? does it hold more weight too?

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Desmond - The Konova K3 is a bigger beast able to hold much more weight. This is a mini version from Varavon, but Varavon also has an ENG version slider that's more heavy duty. This one shouldn't be compared directly.

  23. Tony

    Hey Steve or anyone in the USA who order one. How long did it take to reach you once delivered? I ended up ordering one and it shipped today. Did it ship EMS? Seller gave me a tracking number starting with "EG________".

  24. Tony

    Any up-to the minute verdict on this slider from owners? I have a T3i and 11-16mm Tokina /Canon 17-55mm + battery grip. I need to order one today for event next week! I'm assuming a juicedlink slider cant do vertical and crane like slides. Only other option is Konova but man, that price difference.

  25. I just ordered one... but it left me asking, why did they configure for the "best offer" feature, when they vehemently won't budge from $250 for the 24"? The craziness of people these days...

  26. Pete

    Yes I think understand this now, thanks for clarifying this. I guess a working braking system must be very difficult to build and still maintain smooth, fluid sliding. And I guess it would not work with motors either, it would probably risk burning the motors.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Pete - It's not there for friction adjustment, it's merely a simple brake to keep it from shifting as you move the slider.

  28. Pete

    Got it today, sliding felt good and smooth but I don't understand how the brake is supposed to work? Is it just a travel lock? I thought it would have been useful in vertical slides to have a more safe, slow traveling of the slide head but it then grips the holes in the bottom of the rail and get stuck in the middle, is this the way it is supposed to work?

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Jayhas - I only throw it on the backpack when i'm hiking around. If I travel with gear, I usually check in all the big stuff with my clothing luggage.

  30. @Emm - Could you please show a pic of how you package the slider/tripod/backpack that you bring on board and still not attract too much attention from the airline.

    I have only tried the tripod/backpack duo plus one laptop bag without a squeak at checkpoints.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan M - The 32 is just a tad long. This 24" packed up perfectly. I'm currently at the airport as I type this...

  32. Definitely going to wait for some footage with a heavier cam... 5d2 maybe?

    Also, would you suggest only getting the 24 if I plan on flying with it? Have you taken a size 32 on a plane before?

  33. @Matthew - I am waiting for the Konova crank/pulley to arrive, then like Emm said in another post, figure out how to attach the motor to the crank. I guess that's going to be the fun part.

    Or may be Emm has already got it figured out?

  34. Matthew

    @Jayhas - Impressive results. I was hoping the Konova crank would be motorized. It seems to be the only way to get truly smooth and steady slides.

  35. It seems to look a bit lighter than the Konova 24" the way Emm handled it as shown in the video. Probably better for smaller cameras.

    @Matthew - FYI. if you've seen my last week's video of the DIY motorised Konova 24", that was a 60D with battery grip + Tamron 17-50mm on board. Good combo.

  36. Scott

    This track reminds me of old track lighting track. Can you take the measurements across and deep? I wonder how it actually compares. Thank you.

  37. DaveT

    On the Varavon site, in their promo video, they load it up with 15kg of barbell weights and then put a dslr on top of that and it still slides effortlessly.

    I ordered mine yesterday. It's nearly the same length as my 190More tripod and should strap to my pack just as easily.

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @frank - The unit will slide with a good amount of weight, but when you're zoomed in at that distance, every vibration is picked up. Wider lenses will mask those vibrations. Even a 200mm on a Konova is a tough thing to ask for.

  39. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - The Konova sliders are pretty much the same build and overall more heavy duty available in different lengths. The Varavon lineup has several different slider models from EX, Slim, Lite, etc. I feel this lite version won't support the same as the Konova.

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